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  1. ToB isn't going to do as much as you think. It's one the hardest pieces of content to master. The difficulty of a piece of content can affect player count tremendously. However, over a hunter rework, ToB is 100x better.
  2. Personally feel if it's trainable to a decent standard, there's no need to re-write it all AS OF NOW. You should dedicate this time to construction or something of the sort. Also, there are not many people that even like training hunter.
  3. Then why was it not disabled?
  4. If hunter works fine as it is, I see no point in re-writing it all when construction is still not out. Waste of time.
  5. This seems like it's gone on forever and nothing has happened. A good example is the thread right here. You seem to avoid the points made at you and Echo and blame the players for not providing feedback which is nonsensical. Better fix up before you die for real.
  6. http://prntscr.com/o4yvra
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