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  1. It most definitely is a cc for everyone. We have numerous ranked members who are non-irons. You were banned for advertising other CCs. Attached is a screenshot from the second time we kicked you for it, after which I banned you.
  2. Welcome to Irons CC! We are a mixed community of Irons and Normies alike, devoted to providing help to our members. Irons CC is an original clan that has made its footprint in Zenyte history! There is no question too simple or player too new to be a welcomed member of our clan. If you're looking for a great community full of social, active and non toxic players then this is the clan for you! We have an active Discord that is our main hub for all Irons CC content. We host giveaways and in game events to help and show appreciation to our loyal members!
  3. This sounds like the dumbest thing I've ever seen. If I wanted to play F2P I'd go play OSRS. Just my .02
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