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Information: Discord Booster Perks

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Discord Booster Perks

Booster Perks are in-game perks similar to donator perks that will reward players that help boost the server by either being a Discord Server Booster, or voting for the server for 7 days. Every unique day that you vote will add to a counter, and on the 7th day of voting you will automatically earn 7 days of Booster Perks along with the booster privilege (adds an icon next to your name in yell). You do NOT need to vote on 7 consecutive days, they just have to be 7 different days total and you are able to miss days without the counter resetting. If you boost the server by becoming a Discord Server Booster, you will be given 30 days of booster perks along with the booster privilege.

Reminder: When voting, you must log in to claim your votes for that day to count on your vote counter towards your perks. If you do not claim the votes on that day after voting it will not be able to count towards the boost. Booster perks are available to ironmen as they are in the same category as Donator Perks

The booster perks will change approximately every 30 days, eventually becoming a rotation so that the offered perks don't get stale over time.

The current perks are:

  • Thieving: Decrease chance to get caught while pickpocketing by 5%.
  • Woodcutting: Decrease chance of a tree being felled by an action (excludes single action trees).

  • Fishing: Gain a 5% chance to catch an extra fish while fishing with no extra xp.

  • Slayer: Increase the chance at encountering a superior creature by 5%.

  • Crafting: 5% chance to skip a tick while crafting certain items. (Works on: Battlestaves, Glassblowing, Leather crafting, molten glass, and spinning)

  • Herblore: 5% chance to make a 4-dose potion instead of a 3-dose one.

  • Cooking: Slightly lower the chance to burn food while cooking. (Stacks with other cooking-related boosts such as hosidius ovens)

  • Smithing: 5% chance to save a bar while Smithing.

  • Runecraft: 5% chance to gain extra runes up to the amount crafted with no extra xp.

  • Farming: 5% chance per harvest to gain an extra product.

  • Agility: 5% chance to find an extra Mark of grace. 

If you are a Nitro Booster for our Zenyte (discord.com) then make sure to Pm a member of the Administration+ Team to get your in-game booster perks!

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