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Happy Halloween 2021

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Hello Community Members,

The 2021 Halloween Event will take place for about two weeks and you can start this event by talking to the Halloween Guide at home. He will inform you that two individuals in our community require assistance! 



The Grave digger
Grave digger.png

The Grave Digger will require your assistance in the Lumbridge Graveyard! He claims to have misplaced somethings... Perhaps if you help him find his missing items he will reward you!

The Sad Boy 


There is a "Sad Boy" in Canfis who will require your assistance with trick-or-treating! Will you be able to help him? The people in the area will take notice of what you're wearing.


In other news..

The Management and Development Team is excited to announce that there will be a patch coming to the Theatre of Blood beta world that will fix many issues with the current reported bugs.

We will also be releasing some other content for Halloween throughout the month of October! We also have in store some event, donator and vote specific items!


Management Changes..

@Yamato69has also departed from the Management Team after his lengthy service as Staff Member.  He has shown extreme dedication toward our community and will be big shoes to fill. We wish him the best of luck with his future endeavors. 

@Itzcnote100 will be stepping into a full-time community manager role as we do not plan to backfill the position.  I believe in his leadership capabilities and have no doubt he will continue to be a successful and profession community manager. 

@Grant will also be joining the Management Team as a full-fledged developer and will be taking on the position of Head of Development. 

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Good luck to everyone in their new roles/new endeavours!



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Ho-ly sh#t!!! Thank you so much y'all for the Halloween update it's f#$%ing sick honestly, I love the freaking pet !!

Thank you for everything you done for us brother!! We will miss you a lot, I hope you'll log in from time to time and say hi man. Just as your name was and still is a strong symbol to the Japanese people.. Now it's a strong meaning for us now. Take care man !! 


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Thank you for your time and energy spent on Zenyte @Yamato69. Good luck in the future mate, I will certainly miss you.

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IGN: spacer.pngHexae



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