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Update log 26/06/2019 - Ectofuntus, Slayer-only Dagannoths lair, Evil Bob random event & Bugfixes!

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Players are able to go to the Ectofuntus north of Port Phasmatys to grind their bones into bonemeal and sacrifice it to the ectofuntus.

Sacrificing bonemeal to the ectofuntus grants 4x the experience you would normally receive by burying the bones. Players can do this by bringing bones and some empty pots to the upstairs of the ectofuntus and putting the bones inside the hopper, then grinding them through the grinder and lastly taking the bonemeal by using an empty pot on the bin. In order to sacrifice the bonemeal to the ectofuntus, players must also obtain some slime. To do this, players have to go to the bottom of the ectofuntus and use empty buckets on the pool of slime. Each pot of bonemeal requires one bucket of slime. Every sacrifice performed at the ectofuntus grants the players 5 ecto-tokens. These tokens can be used to charge the bonecrusher at a rate of 25 charges per ecto-token.

Players can claim the Bonecrusher.png?f8df9bonecrusher as well as Ecto-token_3.png?c6741ectotokens from the Ghost disciples found on the ground floor of the ectofuntus. To be able to claim the bonecrusher, players must have completed easy, medium and hard Morytania diaries.

Players can also grind silver bars in the ectofuntus, giving them silver dust in exchange.




Slayer-only Dagannoth kings lair

Players who are on a slayer assignment from dagannoths, or the dagannoth kings boss-task will now be able to use the "Slayer" option on the ladder that brings them to the dagannoth kings to access a separate dungeon to fight them. The slayer-only area is not instanced, so you will still be able to see other players if they're also inside it. Players will not be able to attack the dagannoths when their assignment runs out. The lair is free to access and the only requirement is the aforementioned assignment.




Evil Bob's Island

As a mechanic to fight against bots, we have implemented the Evil Bob's random event. This is a forced event that the players must complete in order to get off the island. Players will only be teleported to the island if they're out of combat and aren't in a restricted area. The frequency of the event is currently set to on-average once every five hours per player, with a guaranteed hour limit between events to ensure this doesn't occur too frequently. Please note: If the event is still too common, administrators are able to decrease the frequency of it through commands.

Players will occasionally be teleported to the island where they must feed Bob the correct fish in order to escape. To determine what the correct fish is, talk to the servant found on the island. They will explain and show you where you must catch the fish from. Beware: If you catch the fish from an incorrect side of the island, you will not be able to get off the island until correct fish is fed. You MUST feed Bob the correct fish.

When you complete the event, you will be granted an antique xp lamp. The lamp provides 750 experience multiplied by your experience rate in any skill except for Construction. There is no level requirements to use the antique lamp - this allows skillers and other special builds to train skills they normally would not be able to.


More random events will follow in the near future to add variety to the tasks players must complete. As for right now, only Evil Bob event is available.




  • Adamant and rune dragons have had their dragonfire attacks weakened - they will both now be fully protected through super antifire potions.
  • Implemented some improvements to player following under combat when using ranged and magic. Previously it was extremely easy to gap someone, that's no longer the case. When using ranged or magic to attack someone, you will not get gapped unless you get behind some trees or anything of sorts.
  • Enchanted symbol can no longer be operated with outside of wilderness.
  • Dwarf multicannon decay messages are no longer filtered.
  • Fixed an issue with duel arena that would occasionally freeze one of the players within the area at 0 hitpoints, making them unable to do anything. Additionally made deaths within the arenas safe(if something goes wrong, that is), so if an issue similar to this were to ever happen again, you would not lose your items when dying inside it.
  • Animated armours in warriors guild will no longer give players experience when attacked with magic or ranged. They will also despawn after a minute of being out of combat.
  • Implemented some changes to kalphite queen, making her able to wander across the entire dungeon as well as not retreat when being attacked from a far.
  • Fixed an issue with fight caves boss timers.
  • Added a 5-tick delay to wiping instances. This means that when you leave an instance such as fight caves, you pet doesn't just vanish. The pet would previously be despawned(however you would still keep it, it just wouldn't be visible - relog would re-spawn it just fine) when leaving instances.
  • Fixed an issue with stamina potions combining.
  • Probita now checks for transmogrifiable pets when insuring your pet.
  • Players can now teleport to the slime pit under ectofuntus using morytania legs 2 or better.
  • Imbuing items no longer removes charges from them.
  • Magma helm now counts as a serpentine helmet for its effects - had a typo in the item id previously.
  • Applied some fixes to godwars dungeon - the monsters within chambers will now always be aggressive towards the players, regardless of how far they are.
  • Reworked some core in regards to entity processing. NPCs are now processed before players. Bear in mind this was a huge update and could break a lot, however it was a necessary one. The main fix brought on by this is that NPCs that use melee will now hit you instantly as the animation starts, not with a 1-tick delay.
  • Levers that teleport the user into wilderness now give a warning.
  • Players can now walk up to 60 tiles when clicking afar from their location. This can mostly be felt when doing arceuus runecrafting - the long paths around objects were prematurely stopped previously.
  • Dark wizards have their combat scripts implemented.
  • Seed box now accepts tree seeds; In addition to this, players can now use the "fill" option to add the seeds that are already in the box.
  • Spinolyps can now be attacked.
  • Elidinis statuette now has its effects.
  • Players no longer get extra tokkul when selling items to TzHaar shops while wielding the gloves; The reduced cost for buying items still preserves.
  • Made some more mystery box cosmetics tradeable.
  • Vorkath's head is now always dropped on the 50th killcount.
  • Turael was removed from home to avoid confusion in new players who assume it is the only master we provide. Players who wish to train using Turael can still find him in Burthorpe - which can be accessed for free through Zenyte portal.
  • Messages when killing a player have been introduced to indicate who you slaughtered.
  • Swamp toad's can now be dissected to get their legs which are used in herblore training.
  • Barrows items are now tracked by the collection log.
  • All hits done on a player within one tick are now visible during that one tick - meaning if you use dragon dagger special on a player and the first hit of the two kills the user, the second hit will still be visible.
  • Special attack orb is no longer clickable within wilderness.
  • Fixed an issue with chaos elemental and fanatic disarm attack.
  • Added a couple more red spider egg spawns in the edgeville dungeon and overall lowered all red spider egg spawn timers to once every 10 ticks as opposed to previous 30 ticks.
  • Fixed an issue that allows players to eat karambwans too quickly.
  • Another major update was done within player processing. Actions such as combat are now processed before movement. We had it incorrectly previously to my surprise, so I've swapped the order. This may have caused some potential pathfinding issues so if you find any, let me know. Fixed all I could find with it.
  • Players can now empty their rune pouches directly inside bank.
  • You can now get lizardmen as a slayer assignment.
  • Health drain message from blood spells no longer shows if the spell splashes.
  • Fixed a typo in observing the iron winch in Cerberus.
  • Added some more warriors guild cyclops spawns and increased their respawn timer to 3x faster.
  • Kalphite queen has been re-adjusted. Her attacks are now more accurate following the previous update which made them far too weak.
  • Kalphite queen now also drops supply drops(same as in RS) every kill as a secondary drop.
  • Fixed a typo that prevented Crazy Archaeologist assignment from working.
  • Verac's set now pierces through kalphite queen's protect from melee prayer.
  • Slayer helmet can now be used in place of the tier-5 shayzien armour to get protection from the lizardmen poison attack.
  • Reworked aggression system with godwars generals, their aggression should now be more like OSRS, allowing tanking.
  • Players can now use the Gricoller's can to water seedlings.
  • Zulrah no longer has immunity delay when rising from the waters - players can attack it instantly as the rise animation starts.
  • PID now swaps every 100-150 ticks, as opposed to previous 60-150 ticks.
  • Priorities in PVP are now switched to the user you're attacking when you perform the attack on them.
  • Implemented a new teleport to level 35 wilderness, directly north of chinchompa mountain.
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Awesome updates, I really enjoy seeing these occur.

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RIP no hunter fixes. Was really looking forward to black salamanders being fixed.

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Solid list of updates and systems implemented. Hopefully there won't be too many issues with bots.

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So many great game changing updates, thanks to the team for all of the hard work that you guys put into making Zenyte as accurate and great as possible! ❤️ Blisziful 

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Well done once again!

Just make sure you don't get a burnout!

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