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[OS Help] Enhance your Windows 10 Experience

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As windows 10 is the most commonly used OS, and assuming a good majority of you use it. Heres some tips to help free some disk space and enhance your PC.

Please be aware this guide requires changing some settings on your system.
All of the changes presented in this guide will not harm your computer, however, tampering with other system settings that you are not familiar with may damage your pc, and loss of data. if Chosen to follow these steps, you'll be able to notice a slight change in your OS (Operating System).

To start, We will be looking at your Disk usage and trying to fix any issues which cause it to be either very high or always remain at high percentages, significantly slowing down your computer which these can include

  • Slow application loading
  • Slow Search Engines and page loading
  • Mouse cursor Delay
  • Typing Text Delay

Before we start, you will need to open task manager, and theres many ways to open this

  •  Ctrl + Alt + Delete and select Task manager
  •  Ctrl + Shift + Escape (opens Task manager)
  •  Windows Search "Task Manager" and hit Enter

This will bring up all of the processes currently running on your computer.

If your disk usage is over ~50% or so it will definitely be worth your time to read (This also depends on how old your Computer is and what the PC specifications are.)

Disabling  Peek
What is 'peek'?
Peek is a feature designed to improve your experience with interface when there are multiple windows open. (multi-tasking)

Search for This PC --> Right click --> Properties.
On the left hand side, youll see the windows File Explorer
in the list of icons, find 'This PC' and right click, and select Properties.
On the middle box is a list of System Properties. Select Advanced and locate 'show advanced system settings'.
Under performance and Select Settings.
On the Right hand side you'll see the settings that i currently have Enable peek Disabled, if it is not disabled on yours, go ahead and do so.

Disabling Windows Search (optional)
Press Windows Key + R.
Type in services.msc --> Press enter.
Search the list for 'Superfetch'
Right click Properties.
Change 'Automatic' to 'Disabled'
Apply and hit Ok.
Right click again and select Stop
Wait for the program to stop, This should only take a few seconds.

Disable Pesky Notifications (optional.)
Press the Windows Key and select Settings
Click System and select Notifications & actions.
Disable Notifications from applications and other senders
Disable Tips, tricks, and suggestions (Optional)

Hope you will start to see some significant differences if you use Windows 10 and hopefully, better performance.

In addition to this, Kris has given information to further your pc enhancement.  Tuneup Utilities, it will monitor background applications and close them if they are not being used.
You can view this application

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Fairly good guide, I've definitely done some of these things on my own PC in the past. Another, fairly nice option to speed up your computer is a program called TuneUp Utilities. The program manages your background tasks - shuts them down if they're not running, helps clean up your computer from trash, fixes registry errors, shortcuts etc.., a lot of small tools combined in one. I use that program whenever playing high quality games, such as assassin's creed origins - allows me to get more FPS out of the game.


Good job though.

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