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Update log 23/06/2019 - Mage arena II

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Mage arena II

The mage arena II has finally arrived! 

Players can start the dangerous minigame by talking to Kolodion who can be found within the mage bank in deep wilderness. The minigame requires players to have at least level 75 magic, although higher levels are strongly advised. Magic level cannot be boosted to start the minigame early. 

After speaking to Kolodion, players are informed to go seek for three creatures, all representing different gods. Kolodion needs players to bring him the remains of the creatures to harness their power. After bringing him all three of the remains, players are able to imbue a god cape of their selection by showing it to Kolodion.

All three creatures are able to deal high damage and combo the player out with ease! Beware before starting the minigame. Every single one of the creatures can hit upwards of 43 if the correct protection prayer is not used, besides that they are able to perform combo-attacks which can damage players even more than that.

Finding the creatures is slightly different to how it works in OS: Each player is assigned a unique location where they will be able to find the creature. Multiple people can be killing creatures simultaneously regardless of the location. Every 30 minutes or after the spawning of a creature the unique location is reset and will be re-rolled for the next creature - it can be any of the 15 possible locations, including the same one as previous. The locations are more or less the same as in OS.




  • Staff online counter will no longer include non-staff players as staff.
  • Looting bag can no longer be bought from within the bounty hunter store if the user already has an open looting bag in inventory.
  • An internal check for retrieval service has been added; Items that the user is not meant to be able to obtain multiple of - for example looting bags - will now check if the player's retrieval service contains them, to prevent them getting multiple.
  • Players can now ask the gardeners to chop down trees while they are in the "regaining fruit" phase.
  • Hunter daily challenges should now progress properly.
  • Tortured gorillas, demonic gorillas, adamant dragons and rune dragons are all now being tracked on the slayer log.
  • Rune dragons now have their death animations.
  • Fixed ignore-list crashing players on login; This is a multi-part update. Ignore list will initially still remain non-functional until we push the client update alongside it sometime later.
  • Barrows set effect no longer works when the barrows sets have degraded to completely broken phase. Completely broken phase no longer provides any bonuses either.
  • Fixed dragon chainbody item id within dragon platebody smithing.
  • Dragon armour lump is now broadcasted.
  • Telegrabbing wine of zamorak in the upstairs area of the Asgarnian Chaos Temple no longer causes the monks to attack the user if they are wielding monk robes.
  • Players now get proper discounts and increased prices when selling and buying items from TzHaar shops.
  • Shop price messages are no longer filterable.
  • Drinks now use drink sound rather than eating sound.
  • Oziach can now smith players dragonfire shields if they bring him 1 million coins, a draconic visage and an anti-dragon shield.
  • Fishing spots which are permanently locked to a specific location will now interrupt the players fishing at them at a 15-minute interval.
  • Runite ores will now spawn at a rate of 1 every 90 seconds - previous timer was 120 seconds.
  • Players should no longer be placed atop of forfeit trapdoors in the no-movement duel arena.
  • Magic no longer has a custom 10% accuracy boost towards NPCs - this only applies to PvP.
  • Magic shortbow (i) can now shoot broad arrows.
  • Hopefully partially resolved the issue which caused the server to start lagging after being up for so long.
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Very nice updates 😉 Cant wait to see whats next! 

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I have been waiting for this, as many others. 🙂 Thanks again for the amazing content/bug fixes! No competition in any aspect. 

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Great QoL Update as we move towards Raids! Thanks

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Actually the ammount of time and work you guys put in this server is ridiculous, the updates are so common and they are getting even better each time. Thank you for listen to the community and for all the dedication. You, “zenyte team”, deserve success.



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