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pvm guide Kraken Guide

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Kraken Guide

Kraken, one of the easiest bosses to kill on Zenyte but has some promising rewards, with this guide I will show you what I feel is the best for newer players who are looking to get their hands on a trident/kraken tentacle or just complete their task with some welfare gear.


First lets look at the gear setup: 1235910058_Screenshot(19).png.37659e7e393fa4488e54bf981818a9b8.png

Note: We use black dhide because you want to have high magic defense gear as you will get hit by nothing but Magic attacks while fighting the Kraken. Upgrade as you see fit, obviously if you have better gear such as Karil, eternal boots, seers,fury etc. But this is the most BASIC setup for beginners.

How To Get To Kraken


Buy a dramen staff from the magic shop west of home, https://gyazo.com/337eb683c590e899c4b002b633356aa4


Use Fairy Ring Code A-K-Q Using the fairy tree at home https://gyazo.com/e2456ed11e94c1e837117ddeb7a0558c

Then once there run west till you get to the cave



How To Kill


Once inside you'll see the whirlpools (cave kraken) or you could enter the crevice and kill the big kraken. If your looking to get the task over quickly or want a trident Kill the smaller ones, if your looking to get a tentacle or just want a challenge, kill the boss. Make sure to use PROTECT FROM MAGIC

Both are very easy to kill you can just use your iban blast/trident attack. Or if you want to be there forever basically, without using prayer pots you can use blood barrage to heal yourself. (92 magic required)

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added gyzao for how to kill
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Thanks for creating this guide man!

Many players often ask where and how kraken is killed. I’ll be sure to link this topic in the cc whenever this question pops up again.

Great guide!

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Quick 'n easy guide, but it helped me getting there at all haha.

Thanks sir 🙂

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