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Duel Arena Tournament [January 2021]

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- Commencement date/time: Saturday, January  30th 20:00 GMT (SERVER TIME)
Hosted by: Fawk


- This event will feature a bracket tournament with single elimination.

- There will be 4 rounds to determine the winner and runner-up 

- You can only use boxing. That means no armor, no weapons, no food, no prayer, etc.

- There is no restriction on combat levels so bring your strongest account!

-  Participation will be limited! Only the first 16 people to sign up will be able to participate! However, anybody who signs up after the first 16 people may be used as substitutes in case participates that signed up do not attend. 

- Only 1 account per person may enter. Participants breaking this rule will be disqualified. 

- Official Zenyte rules must be followed at all times
- Store credits will be provided once the event has concluded
- - The Event/Administration team reserve the rights to suspend any members as they deem necessary


Example of the layout:


Once the first 16 people have signed up we will update this example with the actual participants. 



First place will receive 200 Store Credits 

Second place will receive 100 Store Credits 



How To Join The Event 

You need to comment down below, using this template 

In-Game Name: 

Combat Level: 

Please remember when you sign up; you must be able to attend at the time of the event listed above.


  1. Itzcnote100
  2. Darkasx
  3. Kryptic Crow
  4. Iron sucks
  5. Athera
  6. Louis13
  7. 902 Skills
  8. Smoka

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In-Game Name: Smoka

Combat Level: 126


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