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Crystal Key Guide

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Crystal Key Guide

Some of you may not know, but the Crystal Key chest has some different items added that are not a part of the OSRS Chest.


First off, you'll be needing to know how to use/obtain Crystal Keys.


You can make a Crystal_key.png.9bd2eadad81d6448d468d7df2c327e74.png Crystal Key by combining a Loop_half_of_key.png.52b9582979a90f6bc27aa6537c08cd95.png Loop Half of Key with a Tooth_half_of_key.png.42dab5a87219afe19f1237814853801c.png Tooth half of Key. These are dropped by any monster in Zenyte that has access to the rare drop table, you can view that list here.


To use your Crystal_key.png.9bd2eadad81d6448d468d7df2c327e74.png Crystal Key visit the Closed Chest in the Achievement Hall at the North end of Home.

(Or, for a diary achievement, use the key on the chest in Taverly)



The items that can be obtained from the Crystal Key Chest are:

Uncut_dragonstone.png.ba489b4b92f77a343c2b1adcb8307ef3.png Uncut Dragonstone / Chance: Always

Spinach_roll.png.a9fe9fd06a1ab9fd2dcffb3f9d7c264a.png x1 Spinach Roll / Chance: 1/3.765

937484299_Coins_1000(1).png.05c3bd735aab8ce55a74c7d3632db174.png 2000 coins / Chance: 1/3.765

Air_rune.png.6a332558c1fca6d3172e5ae3601a327f.pngBody_rune.png.f8c0958ef93c01097b077a7476e8bd2b.pngEarth_rune.png.75f9a8aa93e1bb2f488fbbca6aeaa9c8.pngFire_rune.png.a9797945c6736eb564a94e716e422294.pngMind_rune.png.5e88b625feebac84ae5b430a84992745.pngWater_rune.png.dcf9a1e39ba2dbff118bfdb533c25198.png x50 Air, Body, Earth, Fire, Mind, or Water Runes / Chance: 1/10.67

Death_rune.png.aaa9d6b2e99c045cf37d3e8126bb159d.pngCosmic_rune.png.5c30c9b5506e980cb8e1e34aa6ca6e43.pngNature_rune.png.6d163e055ee32a0ca249a7e9cde89fad.pngLaw_rune.png.2ea2355c7900286eb77837967d2421e5.pngChaos_rune.png.7f7dc9b65d13f3ee8273116378869878.png x10 Death, Cosmic, Nature, Law, or Chaos Runes / Chance: 1/10.67

Ruby.png.a40bf211a473c69e536d654f10df504a.png x2 Ruby / Chance: 1/10.67

Diamond.png.214fd0cc8175df5f0323abed1a4c98df.png x2 Diamond / Chance: 1/10.67

Runite_bar.png.a61135312562a25732385eb29eb693a3.png x3 Rune Bar / Chance: 1/10.67

Coins_250.png.61c4119c3a564d3a51ac36d6f75821bf.png 750 Coins / Chance: 1/12.8

Iron_ore.png.d53a3e9ba729a86b9607f7b3eb15f5a4.png x150 (Noted) Iron ore / Chance: 1/12.8

Coal.png.feeafed8078f24181d0baded38fc11ae.png x100 (Noted) Coal / Chance: 1/12.8

Raw_swordfish.png.2aa4f33a040e666572bb1541ad87d53d.png x5 Raw Swordfish / Chance: 1/16

937484299_Coins_1000(1).png.05c3bd735aab8ce55a74c7d3632db174.png 1000 Coins / Chance: 1/16

Adamant_sq_shield.png.a680ce721e51593c179bdbc3f83440c3.png x1 Adamant Sq. Shield / Chance: 1/64

Rune_platelegs.png.85580b64649f372ac61d62f446a7853a.png x1 Rune Platelegs / Chance: 1/128

Rune_plateskirt.png.2f78cc9711d65307f7119eaa40c2dc6a.png x1 Rune Plateskirt / Chance: 1/128

Bank_filler.png.3e8071421a5b1103d6bd7b79d8809df9.png Nothing / Chance: 1/7.529

Tooth_half_of_key.png.42dab5a87219afe19f1237814853801c.png Tooth half of key / Chance: 1/25.6

Loop_half_of_key.png.52b9582979a90f6bc27aa6537c08cd95.png Loop half of key / Chance: 1/25.6

Infinity_gloves.png.124dfcfa92b5ea734a43edddc231b54f.png x1 Infinity Gloves / Chance: 1/1000

Infinity_hat.png.c6ed69c1ed3ed72339a210c69214fdb7.png x1 Infinity Hat / Chance: 1/1000

Infinity_top.png.d46407a9d2c431447df6534cade12424.png x1 Infinity Top / Chance: 1/1000

Infinity_bottoms.png.6f1fdf99341f49b84d5c3381996f64bc.png x1 Infinity Bottoms / Chance: 1/1000

Infinity_boots.png.2cbb71fabd477cd51390d2e7761c23f6.png x1 Infinity Boots / Chance: 1/1000

Beginner_wand.png.7ffae7c51a8c5113c632919c1ff4dfc9.png x1 Beginner Wand / Chance: 1/1000

Apprentice_wand.png.e24af1703c74d07ed3214b778ae583b9.png x1 Apprentice Wand / Chance: 1/1000

Teacher_wand.png.f168cd82ce6a5f6d1937e12114f4d8f4.png X1 Teacher Wand / Chance: 1/1000

Master_wand.png.902e306c0b4c877aa6d1a64c3e48c7a7.png x1 Master Wand / Chance: 1/1000

254991542_Mages_book.png.69763d644655a5ce58e832c440b6b665.png x1 Mage's Book / Chance: 1/1000

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