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Zulrah Simple Guide

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I'll improve this later

  • use the image at the bottom for rotations
  • > The purple dot is where you should stand. You will always start in the same spot.
  • > The bigger dot is Zulrah. Green means it is using range, red means melee, and blue means range and melee.
  • When zulrah is green or red, mage it. When it is blue, range it. 
  • Bring anti-venom+ and rings of recoil. The rings of recoil will kill the snakelings, they only have 1hp but you don't want to kill them yourself because you could keep damaging zulrah instead of wasting time killing them.
  • At the "jad phase" on this server it will just do 1 attack, it has a 50/50 chance of being mage or range. 
  • At the end, if you have enough supplies to attempt another kill, click the zul-andra teleport on the floor (its an object, not an item to pick up). 
  • If you die you can collect your items back for free from the female npc at zul-andra.


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