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It's been a very interesting week at the Chambers Of Xeric to say the least.

Firstly, I managed to pull a Twisted Bow (2nd iron-man to receive a T bow drop) at only 224 KC! (Click here to see a live GIF recording)


Now, as of an hour ago...Queue the drum roll please... *drum sticks start to gently bang* (Click here to see a live GIF recording)


That's right fellas! Within 25 raids since the original Twisted Bow drop I have now acquired an Olmlet pet (which was given in a double rare drop which is also considered a rarity). A celebration is in order! 🥳

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Very nice bro, the rng gods were with you ! Now... Leave some staff rng for the rest of us eh!? Hehehehe 😉 Congratulations again dude !!! Very well deserved 

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