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🔥 Zenyte Voting Event! ✔️ [October 2020]

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We will be hosting a Voting Event similar to the ones that were concluded in July and August of 2020.  There will be no fees in order to participate the only requirement will be to do your daily voting and this will open the opportunity for you to win additional store credits outside of the in-game coins, and clue scrolls.  Once the event has been concluded we will use a random name picker to select 3 winners. 
The winners will receive 100 store credits each! 

Once you have voted you will need to submit screenshot evidence of your vote by one of the following options:
1.)  A screenshot of you doing ::claim of the award 
2.) A screenshot of your vote page on the website indicating you have voted in the last 12 hours. 

The event will last for the entire month of October starting on Thursday, October 1st 00:00 GMT (SERVER TIME) it will then conclude on Saturday, October 31st 23:59 GMT (SERVER TIME)

Important Notes and Rules:
1.) You may only have 2 entries per day (1 per 12 hours) this means we will not accept multiple accounts participating.
2.) A player must provide the screenshot stated above there is no exception to this rule.
3.) Each time you vote you must submit an additional screenshot. (An example would be if you vote every 12 hours you will need 2 screenshots per day)
4.) The event will be Ironman friendly!

Vote Point Collectors!:  There is a surprising amount of people who wish to ::claim all of their points at once or collect them. If you fall in this category you can message me in-game or on discord and say I have voted, and then submit the voting-screen indicating you have x hours until you can re-vote again plus my message and your message or PM to me on discord or in-game!

Failure to follow the rules will be an automatic disqualification and providing inaccurate information or screenshots could result in server punishments as per the discretion of the Zenyte Administration Team.

An example of a screenshot provided for evidence is as followed:


Entry Roster:

1.) H0ax
2.) Teak Tripp
3.) andydebeast
4.) Litherial
5.) Whiprealgood
6.) Teak Tripp
7.) Snickers
8.) Godimus
9.) Ki Ceyla
10.) Ani
11.) Fawk
12.) Brawl
13.) Teak Tripp
14.) Brawl
15.) Fawk
16.) Brawl
17.) Fawk
18.) Brawl
19.) Teak Tripp
20.) Brawl




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