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HC Tuoppi

Hcim Cerberus (mobile)

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Hope you guys like it. 🙂

And sorry I feel like spamming the PvM section lol.

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21 minutes ago, Passion said:

You make mobile bossing look easy, well done

That 3rd age flex though 😉

The biggest reason for a hcim was to make mobile more challenging, as a normie I would take like dumb risks and be a little reckless lol. 

And I don't have better legs yet. 😭

14 minutes ago, 1945 said:

You're definitely making this look like a piece of cake on mobile ! Very nice dude!

Well thank you mate!

If only I could do raids without dying I would be happy... Zzzz... 

49 minutes ago, Fawk said:

What a lovely video, good job 😉

Looking forward to watch more videos coming from you! Keep it up 😉 

Thanks! Maybe one day some GWD or... 

2 hours ago, Leaned said:

Hey @HC Tuoppi

Another nice little bossing video you have there, PVM videos are always welcomed and enjoy by others so i do hope you will keep them coming,

Thanks and good to know, eventually I'll make some more. 🙂

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Love the clear confidence you have killing cerb! Awesome video pal.

Hopefully you'll get the puppy soon, what an incredible pet that is to have! 

Good luck! 🙂

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