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I was once encountered by a satanic professor oak

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(I Was Once Encountered By A Satanic Professor Oak ~ By -  Tidus Cross)

the year was 1937. I was just a man doing construction at the time and I gotta be honest.. life wasn't too bad man. 

I had a girl who was 50/50. Pro: She loved me | Con: I would come home from work to find a beautiful fresh steak on a plate but she always for some reason expected me to eat steak with a spoon.


One time while replacing some tile in a new house contract we got well.. I stumbled upon something I couldn't really explain.. A old man wearing these red & white colored fancy balls around his waste and he had glasses on and there was a nametag on his shirt and it said "Professor Oak".. We were in our last room of the house replacing the tile & were self-shocked that we didn't even notice a different noise coming anywhere else around the house.. 

The man was facing the wall messing with a machine of some sort and we hesitated to get any closer because as I began to squint my eyes to sharpen the view of what exactly I was seeing.. I began to feel horrified. The man aka "Professor Oak" was playing with a Mew. But the thing with this Mew was that besides the fact the air went instantly cold I could see that it's skin was pitch black.. almost too pitch black. the eyes were bright hell red & it seemed too relaxed in the presence of this "Professor Oak". As we quickly knew this was a bad idea I & two other workers began to step back silently and slowly.  The man turned his head and I fell. The other workers ran out and got away quickly as they could not even beginning to think of looking back. Professor Oak didn't say a word.. he opened his mouth and it was like looking into a sinister deformed shark.. his jaw snapped and there were hundreds of small razor sharp teeth. The Mew's eyes began to light up as if so infuriated by my presence it had begun to float. I felt all of what my spirit was break and shatter instantly from all the fear I was in. 

I had to be dreaming I thought... this cant be possible. I tried to open my mouth but by the time that happened Professor Oak was an inch from my face. Eye's blacker than the bottom of the Seven Seas. He whispered in a language I believed to be Latin but I could not make out the words he was saying.. He was not talking to me. With a quick grin & returning to a non-readable face he snapped his finger & Mew looked directly into my eyes making me pass out.


I woke up strapped in a chair in a small room full of gadgets I couldn't even describe to you what they were made out of with tubes attached in my legs, back & heart. I screamed. I screamed so loud because this was inhumane. This just is impossible I thought.

An hour of screaming & sobbing later.. The door opens & Professor Oak alone presents himself to me and finally speaks..

"hello tidus, I am Professor Oak". I will keep this short because I am on a tight schedule.. 

I reply "please why!, what! what the fuck do you want from me!!!!!!!!"

To which Professor Oak replies: you should feel lucky I chose you Tidus. Do you really believe you fell on purpose? I had mew use it's powers to make you trip when you attempted to run in so much fear.. "professor oak chuckled"..

I could barely speak.. why me.. I barely got out of my mouth..

Professor Oak: I have decided to make you a pokemon. 

Me: Wha.. I cough & my eyes glance everywhere just feeling helpless and clueless.. Wondering why.. why the hell would this man choose me to be a Pokemon?

Professor Oak: here allow me to explain. I am building an army of demon Pokemon. We will be replacing your physical body and placing it in the body of a lifeless frozen Pokemon.

from there we will proceed to begin our ritual where we will suck your soul right out of your vessel while your within the pokemon & send you to hell returning with the soul of a demon.


me: I couldn't speak.. and I found the strength to whisper what  I knew would be my last words: fu..ck.. you. a thousand tears from my eyes a minute as this man began the procedure.

a few of his workers who looked to be almost floating off the ground gliding towards us with machinery and a tube of ice filled with what I guessed to be the pokemon. 


I was still without words.. weak. so simply I watched.. nothing less, nothing more.

Professor Oak: Tidus.. I'm sure your aware of our previous long history Pokemon Masters and popular Pokemon trainers. Ash Ketchum etc. 

They are no longer with us..


I gasped.. threw up almost but realized I couldnt. the blood was being sucked into these tubes and some black liquid was being replaced into my body.


Professor Oak: This pokemon you will be going to is for a demon I hate. So unluckily for you you also don't get to choose what you want to become for a few minutes.

Me: I thought to myself.. what could possibly be more worst then all of this than a stupid pokemon.. I mean even I knew I would get to live in the body of a cool pokemon for a few minutes before my soul was sent to hell and replaced with a demon. 


Professor Oak: Men! open the tube! 

"the tube of ice opened revealing the pokemon I would become and fog slowly vanishes from the room".

Professor Oak lets out a most sinister non-stopping laugh.. pointing at me. hahahahah!!!! goodbye tidus! I don't even have to kill you! hahaha!


Me: when I saw the pokemon I would become I literally died five seconds later of embarrassment.

a fucking Caterpie


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Very interesting story. I was entertained, so thank you.

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