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|Life's Zulrah Guide|

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This guide was made in request of @Chxpo
Thank you for your request..

Welfare gear

My Current Gear (Adamant Darts in BP)

Gear upgrades are important, Trident of Seas is a much bigger DPS than Ibans, and Blowpipe is way better than RCB.

Getting There
Fairy Ring
[Req: 76 Agility, Dramen Staff] Use the Fairy Ring to teleport to B J S, and jump over the stepping stone and run East.
Zenyte Portal [Req: The method above to unlock the teleport, or the Zulrah Scroll in the Store.] Use the Zenyte Portal>Bosses>Zulrah.

Will I lose my items if I die?
Yes, Zulrah is instanced. You will spawn in Lumbridge with the 3 most valuable items, however; you can go back to Zulrah, and speak to Pritestess Zul-Gwenwynig to retrieve your items you lost. If you're using an Ibans Staff/Barrows, your items will break. You will need to speak to Bob in Lumbridge, of Perdu above the General Store at home to repair your items, and buy a new Iban's Staff at the Edalfs Magic Weaponry, West of the General Store. If you are using a Trident, upon death you will loose ALL of your Trident charges; meaning don't fill your Trident with all your runes, just in case.

How do I get those yellow squares?
Hold left Shift on keyboard, and right click the ground, and choose "Mark Tile".

Green = Normal (Protect Missles)
Red = Magma
Blue = Tanzanite (Protect Magic)

Phase 1



Green Phase
Zulrah will spew venom clouds on her first phase, attack with magic, no need to pray range yet. Go ahead and sip an antivenom, and pot up.
Once she goes under water, she'll spawn to your East if your game is oriented like mine. Immediately after she goes under, get ready to Protect from Missiles, and continue to blast your Magic attacks at her.
After she attacks you 5 times, she'll shoot white orbs, and spawn her snakelings. Immediately after she shoots her third white orb, run to the right side of the map, disable your prayer, and swap to range gear/weapon. The Magma phase is next.
Once Magma Zulrah spawns, you'll want to use your range, to DPS it. It attacks with Melee, so as long as you dodge it's attacks, you'll only take damage from the snakelings. The first Magma stage, she shoots venom clouds, and snakelings. Once she shoots 6 clouds, and 5 snakelings, she'll go into her attack stance, which is pictured below. When that happens you need to quickly move a tile or two away. She'll do this attack twice this phase. If she hits you, you'll be stunned, and hit a good chunk of HP.
After her second melee attack, she'll go under and pop up Tanzanite directly to your right (West), just turn on prayer, walk beside the Southwestern pillar, and fire away at your range attacks.
Once he attacks are done, immediatley run to the Southeastern pillar, switch to mage gear, and throw on Protect from Range, Zulrah will spawn in Normal form far South.
After Zulrah goes under, she'll spawn to your left of the pillar in Tanzanite form, switch back to range gear, and protect Magic.
After the tanzanite form goes under, Normal Zulrah will come up in the middle (Where she was first at before the fight). Turn OFF protect from magic (Don't turn on anything else, she doesn't hit this phase), switch to Mage gear, and run to the Southwestern pillar, and smack away Maging her.
Once she goes under, she'll come up to your right. Activate your Protection from Missles, and continue Maging her until she goes under.
Once she goes under, Tanzanite form will spawn in the middle, swap to range gear, protect Magic, and I suggest running to the Southeastern pillar, and begin chunking her. After she attacks you 5 times, she'll start spewing venom clouds on the West side, so make sure to stay to the Northeast.
Once she goes under, she will spawn to your left again, only this time it's Magic/Range phase, meaning it will be Normal Zulrah (Green) but it will use mage. I do a 3 item swap and attack with mage 1 time, then switch back to range gear, but for beginners I'd suggest just tanking the attack with Protect Mage on.
Normal Zulrah attacks with Mage once, then goes back to the middle in Tanzanite form like the phase before this one. Turn off Protection prayers (she doesn't attack, she only spawns snakelings), and smash her with Range.
Step back to where you where before you started the Zulrah fight, and swap to mage gear, and start DPS while she spews venom clouds.
Once she goes under, she'll spawn on your left side again, Protect Missles, and hammer away. Congratulations on your first kill! 

You can bring more switches/pots if you want, 90% of the time you will not need all your food for 1 kill. Once you get better with the phases, and switches and get better gear, you can get 2-3 a trip. You can either use the Zul-Andra teleport below you once you kill her, or use your Zenyte Home Tablet.


Full speed video





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Amazing and thorough guide, yet easy to follow. Thank you for providing the community with this. 

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Very, very, very impressive and detailed guide. Kudos to you my man. Keep it up!

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Amazing just what i Needed! time to get a blowpipe

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I'll be making use of this guide very shortly. Filled with information yet easy to follow, great guide! 🙂

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Nice detailed guide I'm sure a lot of players will appreciate it

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