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Development Blog: Godwars Instances

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Godwars Instances & New Maps

Final Maps


Bug Fixes

  • Greater Nechryael drops are now fixed
  • Mist Runes can now be put into Rune Pouch
  • Bronze Dragon drops are now fixed
  • Demonic Gorillas drops are now fixed (Dragon javelin head have the rate as OSRS)
  • Demonic Gorillas now drop Redwood, Celastrus, and Dragonfruit Tree seeds
  • All Superior NPCs in Kourend Catacombs have a 1:1 Ancient Shard drop
  • Random event restriction has been added to Falador Party Room
  • Random event restriction has been added to Castle Wars lobby (Gambling Area), excluding a few tiles around the bank chest
  • Fixed the Desert Amulet teleport location
  • Garlic can now be obtained by searching Morgan house cupboard  in Draynor Village
  • Sound effects have been added to the Home teleport
  • Sound effects have been added while smelting
  • Hidden items no longer show for Ironmen with the "Hide Items" option enabled
  • Blast furnace now counts towards Daily Challenges
  • Al Kharid cable obstacle messages can now be filtered
  • The Pollnivneach ladder can no longer be used to skip the course
  • Black Mask requirement of 20 Defence been fixed to require 10 Defence
  • Casting Telegrab on an Apron in Port Sarim now gives you the correct ID
  • All the npcs within Godwars Dungeon now have sound effects for attacks, blocks, deaths etc. This also applies to npcs outside of the dungeon who have some counter-part within it, such as goblins, wolves, werewolves and other creatures
  • Godwars minion aggression is rewritten, the minions will now attack whoever hit the boss last
  • Kree'arra needs to now be directly interacted with in order to keep her from meleeing you; just landing AoE attacks that damage her no longer does the trick
  • Kree'arras blue tornado attack now also stuns the player and pushes them back one tile, if possible
  • The tornado attack mentioned above is now of ranged type, but still rolls against your magic defence
  • Kree'arra's melee attack now also rolls against your magic defence
  • World map for Godwars updated to reflect on the changes
  • Fixed a bug which caused NPC's globally to appear to speed up in some rare occasions, this was mostly seen in Godwars Dungeon
  • Jatizso Banker can now be accessed


Godwars Instances Mechanics

Each lair has it's own instance center, upon traversing in side the room, you'll find a Dying Knight, explaining how instances work.
To create an instance, you'll need to create your own Clan Chat, and pay 150,000 GP. Once paid, you'll be able to use the portal, and you will teleport into the instance. From here, you are free to exit the room, and enter the boss room providing you have the KC requirement if need-be. Should you die inside your instance, you are able to pay the Knight a fee of 1,500,000 GP to retrieve your gear. Keep in mind, this works like the other instance NPC's, where if you die again without claiming your gear, it is lost forever.

While inside of a Clan Chat Instance, if anyone leaves or gets kicked, a random 3-10 second timer initiates. When the timer hits 0, you will be auto-removed from the instance, assuming you haven't rejoined the clan within 3-10 seconds.
Like always, when there are no players inside the instance, it will close.


Huge shout out to@Krisspending many moons making this for us, and giving me the privilege of designing these maps, I know instances have been a hot subject since a few months online, and I'm very happy to be apart of the development of it. Working hours on end for a single piece of content that everyone will enjoy is a reward in itself. Thank you to our wonderful QA Tester team as well.

Other instanced maps are on the way, and more information can be found in the Update Log itself when this goes live!

Behind the scenes on map creation


A few early images on the Godwars rework:

Saradomin Draft


Saradomin Draft, moved the cutout to another side due to map issues.

Bandos Draft

Saradomin Draft on local test server

Start on instanced maps, removal of rest of Godwars, start on 4 separate maps.

Local server test, height walls were bugged

Armadyl test using portal to go into instance

Local test of Bandos instance, using portal create a new instance

Armadyl without NPC's

Updated Armadyl map(s) 1-3c44eac5b95.png

Updated Armadyl map(s) 2-3

Updated Armadyl map(s) 3-3


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Nice, hopefully DKS will come soon after.

1) Is the 1.5m price the same for irons? I know kris said it would be cheaper on discord

2) Is there not a timer for how long instances will last instead of everyone leaving? Normie accounts can just keep bringing alts to drop food

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We waited long for this one, totally worth it! Nice job guys

Argentina 🇦🇷 



IGN: Leclerc - Feclerc - Le Clerc



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Finally ! great work on this, looks clean.

I'm confused though, is the update rolling soon or is this just a development blog? if so, how much remaining for 100% completion



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The maps look sick but 1.5m feels like a lot to retrieve gear when vorkath is 100k

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Nice work to Life and Kris on the instances! 

And to the others that participated in the bug-fixes!

Keep up the good work. 



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I might eventually go to gwd when these are released finally, good work guys keep it coming!



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Looks pretty dope, thanks for keeping us in the loop


Ultimate Ironman | 5x XP | ICE

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Good job @Life and @Kris, updates are looking sweet.

Glad to hear (no pun intended) some new sounds are making it in game too. Really adds to the atmosphere.

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