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Update log 25/05/2020 - Pyramid plunder, Pollnivneach course, Farming contracts & bugfixes

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Pyramid Plunder



Pyramid Plunder is a Thieving minigame set in the Jalsavrah pyramid in Sophanem, far in the southern Kharidian Desert. Inside Sophanem, the Jalsavrah Pyramid can be found with four anonymous looking doors; access to the minigame can be found behind one of the doors, guarded by the Guardian mummy.

During the minigame, the player has five minutes to plunder the contents of Jalsavrah. The pyramid consists of eight rooms, each requiring progressively higher Thieving levels to enter and loot. Artefacts pillaged from the rooms range from ivory combs to golden statuettes, with the most valuable artefacts found deepest in the pyramid.

This minigame is the only place where players can obtain the Pharaoh's sceptre, which is a useful item due to offering unique teleports.

To begin your plundering, head over to the teleporter at home & teleport to Sophanem, where you will find the ancient pyarmid.


Farming Contracts & Seed Vault




Farming contracts are given by Guildmaster Jane, who instructs the player to grow a specific crop within the Farming Guild. Completing a contract awards players with a seed pack, which can be opened for some amount of seeds. Boosts may be used to accept a contract you are below the required level for.

The seed vault is a storage system found in the Farming Guild, directly west of the bank chest. It functions much like a bank, being able to store all common types of seeds and Sapling used in Farming, but not seeds or sapling given through quests. The seed vault does not store seedlings, but it can store saplings.

You can use the teleporter at home to get to the Farming Guild to receive your 1st contract, or you can use a Skills Necklace to teleport there. While you're there, free up some much needed bank space by storing all of your seeds in the vault! Please note that, as is the case on OSRS, UIM will not have access to the vault.


Pollnivneach Rooftop Agility Course



The Pollnivneach Rooftop Agility Course is available to players with an Agility level of 70 or over.

It can be started by climbing on the Basket just north-west of the bar south of Pollnivneach and is finished by jumping off the Drying line, north of the city. Players get 890 experience from completing the course.

You do not need waterskins while using the Pollnivneach Rooftop Agility Course.

With the addition of this Agility course to Zenyte, it means we now have all of the rooftop course in-game & fully functioning.


Bug Fixes & Misc Changes

  • The Chompy Chick pet rates are now fixed & should be more aligned with what you'd expect.
  • The Ogre Bow & Composite Bow are now properly defined as two-handed weapons.
  • Statius', Morrigan's, & Zuriel's armour now show up as full body armour when equipped.
  • Instead of rogue equipment giving double coin pouches when pickpocketing, you will now just get 1 coin pouch plus GP to match OSRS.
  • Coin pouches now also have their proper examine text.
  • You can now left-click anvils to bring up the smithing interface with any type of bar in your inventory.
  • You can now go back down either of the staircases in Kourend Castle.
  • Jellies now drop Mithril Boots.
  • You can now enter the Cooking & Crafting Guild with a Max Cape equipped.
  • Magic Secateurs now have their proper weapon attack style options.
  • Made numerous messages filterable.
  • The Dust Devil diary task now only works in the appropriate area, which is the Smoke Dungeon.
  • Admiral Pie now boosts your fishing level instead of crafting.
  • Players can now claim multiple daily challenges without having to reopen the interface.
  • Combat dummy can no longer be inflicted with status effects.
  • Smelting multiple bars at Blast Furnace now count towards daily task(s).
  • Death Spawns will no longer trigger auto retaliate and hit through the protect from melee prayer.
  • The broken bridge near Rellekka is now accessible. This should help with the clue step in that area.
  • Dragon Fruit and Fruit Pie are now obtainable and edible.
  • Broad Arrows now use the correct projectile.
  • Falador rooftop tightrope obstacles no longer consumes run energy while crossing them.
  • We have decreased the time it takes to make pizza as well as other cooking combinations. Cooking combinations, such as making a Pineapple Pizza, will now take into account the amount a player selected on the creation dialogue interface.
  • Fixed multi-combat zones on Fossil Island for Ammonite Crabs, you should no longer get the 'you are already in combat' message when trying to attack another crab while standing in a multi-combat area.
  • Re-completeting an achievement diary will no longer tell a player to talk to the respective NPC for a reward if already claimed.
  • Fire Max Cape now counts towards Karamja diary task.
  • A cup of Nettle Tea no longer gives a +2 attack boost. Tea stalls no longer give Nettle Tea and instead gives correct tea which also has its proper boosts now.
  • Fixed the DFS charges bug which prevented players from trading them.
  • Moving the boulder to get to the Wilderness Godwars Dungeon now locks the player and prevents them from doing other actions.
  • Death Talisman drop rate has been improved for Dark Beasts, the rate is now 1/128.
  • Collecting Supercompost from any compost bin now gives 8.5 exp per compost.
  • Fixed the answer for the Otto Godblessed clue.
  • Prayer Cape perk is now active even when in inventory, previously only worked when equipped.
  • Castle Wars Portal at Clan Wars now works & will teleport you to Castle Wars.
  • Crafting a Dragonstone Amulet for the daily task now works.
  • Ring of Dueling now has its proper dialogue.
  • Enchanted Robes now have the correct level requirements to equip.
  • Canifis and Varrock rooftop courses now provide same experience as OSRS, to scale with your chosen Zenyte experience rate.
  • The Explorer's Ring's low & high alchemy function can now be used while you have any spellbook selected and having any of the rings in your inventory with no charges will no longer prevent you from gaining experience from a normal alchemy cast from your spellbook.
  • Both doors into the Tai-Bwo tree area now work. Previously, only one of the doors worked leaving some players to assume the area was not accessible. 
  • Wyverns can now alternate between attack styles even when in melee distance.
  • Getting randomed while in the Essence Mine will no longer cause the portals there to teleport you back to the island. 
  • Rada's teleport no longer resets on login & uses the proper limits.
  • Fixed drop viewer for Battle Mages. No longer shows multiple Infinity Boots and gloves and instead shows the missing wands.
  • The Western Elite Diary task to kill the Thermonuclear Smoke Devil no longer works if you boost your Slayer level. A minimum of 93 Slayer is required in order to attack the boss.
  • The issue where you could still use an event item's function after unequipping it has been resolved. This is for items such as the carrot from the recent Easter Event.
  • The Ape Atoll teleport on the regular spellbook now sends you to the correct location. You'll no longer be teleported into the middle of the Monkey Archer area. F to pay respect to all of the fallen HCIM.
  • Making Stamina Potions now uses proper skill dialogue and works a tick faster.
  • All pets that should be insurable are now insurable AND lost on death if not insured. This includes the Chompy Chick and new pets that came with the Treasure Trails update.
  • Redid defenders for the upstairs Warrior's Guild room, if you have a Dragon Defender equipped the Cyclops will drop a Rune Defender & not default back to Bronze.
  • Added Pollnivneach rooftop agility course.
  • Farming contracts added. Talk to Guildmaster Jane at the Farming Guild to get started.
  • Added support for our custom teleport scrolls to the item identification plugin. (credits to Jakey for this!)
  • Added a higher capacity for tool storage at all tool leprechauns.
  • The in-game clock should now be working properly


Raids Fixes

  • The issue with clicks on gourd trees rarely not registering has been patched.
  • Vespula now waits for two game ticks(1.2 seconds) before she goes to sting the grubs, effectively allowing efficient raiders to skip the grub healing process entirely.
  • Tekton room no longer has issues with it sometimes having started by the time the first person arrives at it. This would result in all people having to go through the fire despite it being their first time entering the room.
  • Olm's left claw should no longer remain clenched in the case of it clenching at the exact moment that the right claw is defined as dead.
  • The left claw clenching requirement has been rewritten to better reflect on what occurs in the real game. Previously, the left claw would clench - assuming it is not the penultimate phase and the right claw is still alive, which is still the same of course - when it received a hitsplat of at least 30 damage. Now, the claw only clenches assuming it has received damage equal to 20 * the amount of people in the chamber within the last ten game ticks(6 seconds). So if you're trioing olm, to keep it from clenching you'd have to keep your damage-within-6-seconds to below 60 hitpoints, else it will clench its claw.
  • The falling crystals phase-specific attack now only targets people in the Great Olm's viewing field, not across the entire chamber.
  • The Great Olm's magic and ranged attacks now only deal 20% of the damage through prayers assuming the correct prayer is used. Previously, this number was 50%. So, assuming you were soloing, previously Olm would be able to hit a 16 on you with these attacks even if you had the correct prayer up. Now, that number is only a mere 6.
  • Damage reductions based on prayer reductions have been rewritten to round up, instead of down. This would previously mean that if you were fighting against a skeletal mystic and only had 1 hitpoint and protect-from-magic prayer up, the mystic would never be able to kill you if it was only using magic. That was because the calculations would effectively look like 1 * 0.5, which, if rounded down comes to a zero. This number is now rounded up.
  • Vasa Nistirios bomb attack damage can now be reflected back on itself through the use of recoil and vengeance.
  • Tektons and Vasa Nistirios stomp attacks damage can now be reflected back on itself through the use of recoil and vengeance.
  • Party system has been re-adjusted to allow proper scouting mechanisms. If the leader of the party leaves the raid, leadership is transferred over to the highest-ranking player who has the kick privilege in the clan channel. In addition to this, if a recruit+(who does not have kick privilege in the clan) makes a party, they will now be able to hold up the instance should someone with actual kick privilege leave the instance. Previously, the game thought that if the last person with the kick privilege left the instance, there is no one to hold it and it should be destroyed, even though it still contained the leader of the party.
  • Abyssal portal attack mechanics have slightly been altered. The abyssal portal is no longer aggressive and only sends out its small shock-waves to whoever attacks it. In addition to this, if the user does not have any prayer points upon getting hit by the shock-wave, a tiny amount of lifepoints is removed instead.
  • Challenge mode capes now require 10, 25, 75, 150 and 300 challenge mode completions to claim, respectively based on the tier of the cape.
  • Metamorphic dust drop rate has been reduced by half from 1 in 400 down to just 1 in 200, assuming the player manages to complete the raid in the required time.
  • Players now get 10,000 personal points when they complete challenge mode in time.
  • Prayer enhance potions' durations have been extended to better reflect on how long they last in the original game.
  • The Muttadiles will now be much less likely to go for the meat tree once they've been frozen once. Previously, they would more or less just continuously try to go for it even after being frozen multiple times.
  • Players can now decant potions in raids by using an empty gourd vial on the potion. Only vice versa seemed to work before.
  • Getting hit by the crystal burst attack no longer causes a random twitching for one frame.
  • Dousing the fire wall in raids can now be done from a distance once again. Humidify works at a distance too!
  • Challenge mode rewards changes; most of the underwhelming rewards have been removed from the table and replaced with the following: 
    • Zamorak grapes (1-500)
    • Wines of Zamorak (1-450)
    • Red spiders' eggs (1-1254)
    • Crushed superior dragon bones (1-100)
    • Battlestaves (1-95)
    • Grimy snake weed (1-280)
    • Nail beast's nails (1-170)
    • Purple sweets (1-350)
    • Steel bars (1-850)
    • Unicorn horn dust (1-1500)
    • Lava scale shards (1-750)


In other news

We've had a new login screen designed. This design is going to be used whenever we don't have an update-themed design currently running.

A while ago I held a graphics competition to design us a new login screen, and this was the winner. The artist also happens to be @Ironyte! We hope you like it, we certainly love it! The new designs now also use the new logo.



The smithing area at home felt a bit lackluster, missing an anvil and other parts, therefore we have revamped it and included other utilities you should find useful! As well as the furnace and kiln, you can now find an anvil, a pottery wheel, a water pump and a bucket spawn. Let us know if you want anything else adding - shoutout to @Lifefor designing it!


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Awesome updates adding more and more to Zenyte. Great job team.

@IronyteAmazing looking logo, clean.

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24 minutes ago, Kris said:

The Pollnivneach Rooftop Agility Course is available to players with an Agility level of 70 or over.

Literally not touching Agility for months finally paid out 😄

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Awesome update guys, keep up the good work. Looking forward for more and more to come.

Awesome new logo btw @Ironyte

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Nice one guys, the smithing stuff was defo needed

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Nice updates. That's alot of changes to raids, which seems really good!

PP would be such a nice alternative for thieving training. Thanks for the work sirs

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11 minutes ago, Life said:

Woohoo! Thanks to all the devs for this amazing update. =]

Well designed smithing area @Life

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Awesome update you guys! Really well done, keep it up. 🙂

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Great update from the development team - you can clearly tell a lot of effort went into this.  A great success. QA team did a fantastic job testing this update it seems as well 🙂

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Posted (edited)
6 hours ago, Kris said:

The Ape Atoll teleport on the regular spellbook now sends you to the correct location. You'll no longer be teleported into the middle of the Monkey Archer area. F to pay respect to all of the fallen HCIM.

Oh man that gave me lol, goodluck to all future hardcores obtaining their D scim!

Awesome update! 

Gutted UIM don't have access to the seed vault... But it is what it is, keep the updates coming!

Shoutout to @Ironyte for the flawless design!

Edited by Notes

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