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2nd loot bag after zulrah suicide deleting original loot bag content

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info: after suiciding at zulrah I accidentally bought another looting bag from vote store and deleted it since I had one saved at zulrah. I just checked my looting bag now and it was empty

most recent looting bag screenshot i have (2020-05-16_17-46-02) 2020-05-16_17-46-02.png.142cf1d51f037b8d35b5e0c26d8759e0.png

Death 2020-05-16_18-03-59:


tell me if i should provide more info idk what else to put cant think clearly atm still cant believe this happened since i triple check everything and screenshot everything before dying every time i have all the screens


Death 2020-05-16_17-27-58.png

Death 2020-05-16_17-27-58.png

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