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There is normally a average of 400 players online at anytime this means we are bound to have questions as simple as "How do I get to chickens?" to "What monsters should I expect on wave 44 of the Inferno?" Many of us have a large variety of knowledge as far as the aspects of Old School Runescape and Zenyte however it is impossible for us to know every nook and cranny of a game that is over 20 years old.  This is where a reference point comes in, This topic is made for the solo purpose of compiling information of common questions, and topics similar to a FAQ handbook.  We will be able to add additional topics and guides as they are created, update FAQs as we continue to get more and more questions asked, and overall allow us to better serve our community in a smoother and more efficient process. 


** You can find information quickly by using control (ctrl) + f on your keyboard and searching keywords of the specific content your looking for! **



FA: Two Factor Authentication, adds another layer of security to your account, will provide increased voting rewards when activated (::2fa is the command for information)

Change XP Rates:  Speak with the Zenyte Guide in the Achievement Hall North of Edgeville Grand Exchange.  (Note you can only increase the XP rate not above) 

Claiming Votes:  You will need to do ::claim in game to get the rewards for your voting.

Claiming Donations:  Speak with the Wise Old Man in the Achievement Hall North of Edgeville Grand Exchange. (Note if they did not receive the donation they will need a discord support ticket) 

Removing Ironman Status:  Speak with the Adam in the Achievement Hall North of Edgeville Grand Exchange. 



Elves:  Cities Teleport --> LLeyta 

Trolls:  Trollheim in Standard Spellbook

Godwars Dungeon: Trollheim in Standard Spellbook - Head North 

Shamans:  Skilling Teleport --> Farming Guild --> Southeast to the Temple

Stronghold of Securty: Run south of the home teleport 

Shades: Cities Teleport --> Mort'ton 

Myth's Guild: Dungeons Teleport --> Corsair Cove (The top floor) 

Dagganoths: Fair Ring --> Lighthouse (Code ALP) or  Dungeons --> Catacombs of Kourend or Waterbirth Teleport if your doing Dagganoth Kings without teleport scroll.

Zulrah: Fairy Ring --> Shortcut (Code BJS: Requires 76 agility) or Tyras Camp and run south-east

Monkfish Fishing:  Skilling Teleports > Piscatoris Fishing Colony 

Angler Fishing:  Skilling Teleports > Port Piscarillious (You purchase bait in the shop located near the shore)

Barrows:  Cities Teleport --> Mort'ton --> Run toward the East (No teleport scroll option)

Magic Spellbook Swaps:

  • Standard Spellbook:  Right click the altar up the stairs in the Achievement Hall North of Edgeville Grand Exchange.
  • Ancient Spellbook:  Right click the altar up the stairs in the Achievement Hall North of Edgeville Grand Exchange.
  • Lunar Spellbook:  Right click the altar up the stairs in the Achievement Hall North of Edgeville Grand Exchange.
  • Arceuus Spellbook:  Right click the altar up the stairs in the Achievement Hall North of Edgeville Grand Exchange.






Fighter Torso:
Can be purchased by ::store, Slayer Shop (400 points), Bounty Hunter (600k points)

Barrows Gloves:
The chest located in the basement of Lumbridge Castle (Right click for items) (104k)

::store, Slayer Shop (400 points)

Dragon Defender:
::store or You will need to obtain a dragon defender by the basement of Warrior's Guild

Slave Amulet (ei):
Slayer Shop (40 points for amulet, 40 points for tarn's diary, and then loyalty shop for imbue scroll) 

Rune Pouch:
::store, Slayer Shop (1250 points), Bounty Hunter (1.2m points)

Looting Bag:
Bounty Hunter (10k points) or Vote Store (2 points) 

Rogue's Outfit:
1/200 per piece chance from pick-pocketing any NPC 

Coal Bag:
Vote Shop (70 points) or Motherload Mine (40 nuggets) 

Gem Bag: 
Vote Shop (18 points) or Motherload Mine (40 nuggets) 
Herb Sack - ::store, Vote Shop (30 points) Slayer Shop (750 points) 

Chaos Gauntlets:
Vote Shop (15 points)

Cooking Gauntlets:
Voting Shop (15 points)

Goldsmithing Gauntlets:
Voting Shop (15 points)

Enchanted Ice Gloves:
Voting Shop (15 points)

Iban's Staff:
Magic Shop at home (200k) 

Dramen's Staff:
Magic shop at home (4,322 coins)

Hunting Equipment (Items not located at Jackie's):
Yanille Hunter Shop 

Magic Secateurs:
Vote Shop (3 points)

Vote Shop (3 points)

Mac at Home in the Achievement Hall 

Shayzien Armour:
Slayer Shop (40 slayer points a piece or 200 total)

Slayer Shop (200 points)

Slayer Shop (100 points)

Slayer Shop (150 points)

Holy Wrench:
Slayer Shop (200 points)

Ogre Bow:
Reference this topic - ::topic 4340


These will be Fairy Ring codes that would be utilized on Zenyte it is not a full-list however if you wish to look for a specific one not listed below please follow this link.


aiq - (Mudskipper Point) - This will be for Mogres (Required to have fishing explosives).

air - (Empty Island) - Clue Scroll location!

ajq - (Dorgesh-Kaan Dungeon) -  No light source needed on Zenyte, contains cave crawlers, cave slime, and bugs can be located here.

akq - (Kandarin Piscatoris Hunter Area) - This will be used for Cave Kraken without portal teleport.

alp - (Lighthouse) -  This will be used to get to the lighthouse including dagannoths in the basement .

bjs - (Zulah Teleport) - You will need to have at least 76 agility to complete the shortcut. 

bkp - (South of Castlewars) - This teleport will be useful for people without the Smoke Thermal teleport, and also for Chompy Bird hunting.

bkr - (Mort Myre Swamp) - This teleport will be useful for collecting Fungi remember to have a silver sickle (B).

blp - (Tzharr Area) - You will have access to pickpocket Tzharr creatures after passing through the vent Firecape is required. 

bir - (Legends Guild) - You can obtain your Legand's Cape from directly inside the castle.

cip - (Miscellania)- You will have access to the far castle's farming patch.

cir - (Konar Mountain) - You will be able to travel to the top of the mountain to get a slayer task from Konar.

cis - (Arceuus) - You will want to run east from the fairy ring for Dark Alter (Arceuus spellbook and blood/soul RCing)

ckr - (South of Tai Bwo Wannai) - You will be able to fish karawmbwanjis here.

dlk - (Khardian Desert) - North of Nardah.

djr - (Chasm of Fire) - This teleport will allow you to get Imps on the top of the chasm, and in the dungeon is demons.

dkp - (South of Musa Point) - You will be able to fish karawmbwan here.




Bandos Guides:
Topic 653

Brutal Black Dragons Guide:
Topic 3603

Callisto Guides:
Topic 2795

Cerberus Guides:
e283947073aa34265363ce74e83af1d9.pngTopic 1735 - Topic 1141 

Chambers of Xeric:
Topic 1830

Chaos Elemental Guides:
Topic 2795

Demonic Gorillas Guide:
Topic 1043

Giant Mole Guide:
Topic 1737

Hydra Boss Guides:
Topic 3276

Kraken  Guides:
Topic 1706  - Topic 3063 

Lizard Shaman Guides:
Topic 2271 - Topic 3024

Revenants Guide:
Topic 1674 - Topic 2298 

Rune Dragon Guides:
Topic 1701 - Topic 696 

Saradomin Guides:
Topic 1721

Skeletal Wyverns (Safespotting) Guides:
Topic 3097

Skotizo Guides:
Topic 3866

Thermo Smoke Devil Guides:
Topic 1755

Thermo Smoke Devil (Farcasting Method):
Topic 3088

Venenatis Guides:
Topic 2795

Vet'ion Guides:
Topic 2795

Vorkath Guides:
Topic 1013

Zamorak Guides:
Topic 2823 - Topic 1089 - Topic 1751

Zulrah Guides:
Topic 1773 - Topic 2955 - Topic 85  - Topic 3947 - Topic 4274 



Agility Guides:
Topic 1689 - Topic 236

Cooking Guides:
Topic 684 

Crafting Guides:
Topic 1645

Farming Guides:
Topic 502

Fishing Guides:
Topic 424

Fletching Guides:
Topic 298 

Herblore Guides:
Topic 1484 

Hunter Guides:
Topic 1073 

Mining Guides:
Topic 2920 - Topic 3972 

Prayer Guides:
Topic 993 

Prayer Guide (Ensouled Heads):
Topic 2226 

Runecrafting Guides: 
Topic 630 

Runecrafting (Dark Essences) Guides: 
Topic 3148 

Slayer Guide: 
Topic 415

Thieving Guides:
Topic 1036 - Topic 3641 

Woodcutting Guides:
Topic 187 



Wintertodt Guides:
Topic 1885

Barrows Guides: 
Topic 1564

CoX (Raids 1) Guides: 
Topic 1830

Mage Arena II Guides:
Topic 4555

Inferno Guides:
Topic 3712



2FA Guides:
Topic 362

Achievement Diaries:
Arclight Guides:
Topic 4442

Beginners Guides:
Topic  1487 - Topic 501

Clue Scroll Rewards:
Topic  4171

Crystal Key Reward Guides:
Topic 1822

Hardcore Ironman Beginners Guide:
Topic 2684 

Ironman Beginners Guide:
Topic 674 - Topic 1871

Mystery Boxes Guide:
Topic  4480

Mystery Emblems Guide:
Topic 2644

Obtaining Clue Scrolls Guide:
Topic 4068

Skillcape Perk Guide:
Topic  4134

Skilling Profit Guide:
Topic 1610

Slayer NPC & Dungeon Locations:
Topic 1066

Supply Drop Guide:
Topic 555

Teleport Locations Guide:
Topic 820

Ultimate Ironman Beginners  Guide:
Topic 2494



Bug Reports:
Topic 373

Donator Perks:
Topic 260

Events Team Applications:
Topic  X

Forum Medals: 
Topic 2034

Golden Guides:
Topic 111

OSRS Donations Information:
Topic 352

Q/A Applications:
Topic X

Report a Player:

Staff Team List:
Topic 217

Zenyte Rules:
Topic 282

Content Creators:
Topic 1747



@Sir Hassan 
@200m Dancing






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SO HELPFUL! I'm so proud of you @Gepanfor going out of your way and producing such a great thread. It's greatly appreciated! 

(I had a notepad open with all the common topic #'s... I won't need that anymore thanks to you!) ❤️ 

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