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Rivens Event application

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Username: Wiggle/Riven

  Discord Tag: Deleted#0231

  Timezone:  USA CST

  Available Time(s):  10am-3am i know i have a very bad sleeping schedule

[Please provide a set amount of hours per day you'd be available as per your timezone]  

Why should you be accepted?: i feel i would make a great member of the event staff team because i am one who likes to interact with communities even if its just 100-200 people it is still fun to see everyone playing together in a game we all love and having fun. also i have been an event coordinator for my old clan on RS and i wanna see the community grow together. i have a few ideas on events we can do and participate and would have a lot of fun assisting in the running of these events as i understand they can sometimes be chaotic and stressful. thanks for your time


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