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Tribrid NH Tournament

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So our main pk event turned out to be a blast a lot of people participated thank you guys for that and congrats again to the winners this time around myself and Baka will be hosting a NH tournament maybe this is the chance for those who want to redeem themselves 😛 The event will happen on Saturday February 22nd 23:00 server time.


The gear required for the event will be below with a screenshot if you fail to mimic the gear than you will be disqualified.

1 account per person attending the event .

No riguor or augury not everyone has it unlocked every other prayer is fair game (staff will be monitoring this).

there is a 3m buy in which we will use towards the 1st 2nd and 3rd prizes along with some bonds.

2 brews maximum same as the main pk event.

Don't camp just 1 attack style for example bolt ragging anything over 5 hits will be a disqualification.



Gear setup/Inventory:




Spec weapon's:



When it come to the buyin's pm myself or baka ingame and we will accept the trades and add you to the roster for the tournament.

When the event is starting everyone who is participating is to join my cc "dragonic706"


RSVP Is required to join the event

If you have any questions or concerns about the event pm myself or Baka in game.



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Count me in!

Just saw the date and time......... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz can't make it

Edited by Schrute Farm

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Just now, Schrute Farm said:

Laughing out loud. 3 max.

You obviously dont nh buddy, stop talking.

every rs nh tourny is caped to 5 brews, 2 brews means it will take 0 skill at all, just plain rng.

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Message Dragonic706 for any information regarding the event. This isn't the place to discuss it. If you're attending the event please reply that you are.

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