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Update log 01/01/2020 - The Inferno

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The Inferno


The Inferno is the greatest solo PvM challenge ever to be introduced into Zenyte. Beyond sacrificing a Fire Cape, there are no requirements to attempt The Inferno. The entrance can be found in Mor UI Rek which is in the center of the TzHaar city.

Once inside, you'll be faced with wave after wave of powerful monsters. You'll encounter many new kinds of creatures, and you will truly be up against the odds. If you are able to endure the heat and take down TzKal-Zuk, you will earn yourself an Infernal Cape.


This update also comes with an event with prizes over $100 in store credit! You can read more about it here.

Monsters inside the Inferno


Jal-Nib.png Nibbler:  Jal-Nib
Several of these creatures spawn per wave and can cause damage to three pillars found within the arena. Once a pillar is damaged enough, it will fall.


Jal-MejRah.png Bat:  Jal-MejRah
Jal-MejRahs function similar to a Tz-Kih, except rather than draining prayer points with their attack, they drain their run energy instead. They drain 3 run energy per hit. They are also able to drain your combat stats and improving their own at the same time.


 Jal-Ak.png Blob:  Jal-Ak
When a Jal-Ak dies, it splits into 3 smaller versions of itself, each using a different style of the combat triangle: 

  • Jal-AkRek-Xil (Ranged)
  • Jal-AkRek-Mej (Magic)
  • Jal-AkRek-Ket (Melee)


Jal-ImKot.png Melee:  Jal-ImKot
Jal-ImKots only use melee, but make up for it with extremely accurate and damaging attacks.
If a Jal-ImKot cannot reach the player, it will burrow into the ground and resurface next to the player.


Jal-Xil.png Ranger:  Jal-Xil
Jal-Xil is very similar to the Tok-Xil from the Fight Caves, the only difference is that Jal-Xils boast higher combat stats.


Jal-Zek.png Mage: Jal-Zek
Jal-Xil is very similar to the Ket-Zek from the Fight Caves. Jal-Zeks have a unique ability where they can revive a defeated monster in the same round they appear in. Each monster can only be revived once and with half health.  Jal-Zek will only use its respawn mechanic while in combat. Nibblers and mini Jal-Ak's will not be revived.


JalTok-Jad.png Jad:  JalTok-Jad
Stronger version of TzTok-Jad, and similarly attacks in all three forms of combat where the player must use the appropriate protection prayers before the attack hits.


TzKal-Zuk.png                Final Boss: TzKal-Zuk               Jal-MejJak.png
On the 69th and final wave, TzKal-Zuk will break free from the prison. Floating in the lava and moving back and forth between it and the player is a small piece of the wall, which must be utilized as a shield to protect from TzKal-Zuk's attacks. If it attacks the player, it cannot be protected against and it has an extremely high max hit of 251, which has a high chance of killing even a fully healed player. Throughout this fight, other monsters spawn periodically and on cues. Jal-Xil and Jal-Zek will regularly spawn behind the player, attacking the shield until they are attacked, whereupon they retaliate. When TzKal-Zuk is below 480 Hitpoints, a JalTok-Jad will spawn behind the player, similarly attacking the shield. When TzKal-Zuk is below 240 Hitpoints, four Jal-MejJaks are spawned, rapidly healing it. When they are attacked, they stop healing and attack the player with area-of-effect blasts.



The infernal cape                             Tokkul detail.png     

After successfully beating the Inferno, you'll be awarded with the Infernal cape and a good stack of TokKul which is doubled if you have the elite Karamja diaries completed. There's also a 1/100 (1/75 if on TzKal-Zuk task) on getting the Jal-Nib-Rek pet. The first three successful completions for each game mode will also be explicitly broadcasted to show everyone that you beat all odds!



Practice mode

The Inferno minigame comes with a practice mode, which requires the player to have sacrificed a fire cape to gain access to the Inferno, along with a 1.5 million coins fee per practice round. The practice mode allows the player to start the Inferno from any wave they wish, ranging from 1 to 69. After having selected the wave, the player cannot jump to another wave. Inferno will continue from there on out and end with you dying, leaving or completing it. Completing the practice mode Inferno gives the player no rewards and does not progress towards the TzKal-Zuk slayer assignment. Your assignment will also not be reset when you die in the practice mode.



  • Right-clicking a message of a friend now shows 'Message' instead of 'Add friend'.
  • Fixed an issue with ignoring where the message wouldn't get filtered.
  • K'ril Tsutsaroth now drops the normal Steam battlestaff.
  • Some delay issues with the Fight Caves Jad have been resolved.
  • Fixed Zahur services issues with Onyx+ members.
  • Fixed typo's with chinchompa daily challenges.
  • Bree now drops noted snape grass instead of unnoted.
  • You can no longer keep on killing the Alchemical Hydra after you finish your task.
  • Added proper dialogues when gambling a fire cape for the TzRek-Jad pet.
  • Celastrus seeds are now obtainable from birds nests.
  • Teleporting to Mount Karuulm with Rada's blessing 3 now shows how many teleports there's left.
  • Fixed a type with the Ardougne cloak's farm teleport showing the incorrect maximum amount of teleports.
  • The Morytania diary to complete a lap of the Canifis rooftop course now completes at the end of a lap.
  • Monsters in the Chasm of Fire can only be killed on a slayer task now.
  • You can now blow molten glass into empty light orbs instead of full ones.
  • Strength/Attack boosting prayers now get disabled when used in combination with Augury or Rigour.
  • You can now create Wrath tiaras.
  • A fire cape can now be used on TzHaar-Ket to get permission to enter Mor Ul Rek.
  • The prices of amethyst items(arrows, amethysts themselves, javelin heads etc) have all been reduced by 75%.
  • Pathfinding changes:
    • Large monsters who occupy more than one game tile will now align differently in combat, using their south-western point as their physical location. Previously, the monsters would try to align themselves using the center of themselves(the center-most-south-western tile in even-size monsters). This change was necessary to introduce the proper Inferno safespots, and I felt like implementing an exception for Inferno alone wouldn't be ideal. This change affects all large monsters around the game. It may have "broken" some of the older safespots, but it also introduces the same safespots found on Oldschool RuneScape.
    • Line of sight formula has been readjusted to account for the aforementioned alignment change. You'll find that the formula is now a fair bit more lenient when it comes to shooting behind corners.
    • Melee combat checks now properly exclude the diagonal tiles.
    • Autocasting spells will now drag the player out from behind the object they hug before beginning the attack. This change does not affect trident-type weapons. Manually casting a spell on an entity will still allow the attack to begin one tick before the player is moved out from behind an object.
    • Manually casting spells on monsters who have just died the same game tick will now permit the spell to go through. This allows players to use blood- and other type spells to gain the effects of the spell, which is a widely used mechanic in the Inferno, to heal up your character quicker. This change does not affect autocasting, nor does it affect trident-type weapons. Strictly manual spell-casting only.
    • Monsters will now walk out from underneath the player when trying to attack them regardless of whether or not the player is moving. Previously, if a player was moving whilst standing on-top of a monster, the monster would not try to walk out from underneath the player as it assumed the player was trying to accomplish the same thing and doing it double would just be excessive. Due to the recent changes in entity priority mechanics, where monsters are now processed before players are, this excess checking is no longer necessary and would actually interfere with, or even break certain mechanics.
  • Monster health and other levels are now properly normalized every minute(the timer starts at different points for all monsters to avoid putting unnecessary pressure on the game tick at the minute mark). If a monster's health or combat levels are above its base levels, a value of one is deducted from it every minute until it is equal to the base levels. If the monster's health or levels are below the base, they will be increased by a value of one until they're normalized. 
  • Accounts registered in 2020 will now be able to see the game noticeboard in-game again.



Inferno Bugfixes as of 03/01/2020

  • The monsters in Inferno will no longer lose their aggression towards the player if they get frozen.
  • Purple sweets can no longer be eaten inside the Inferno.
  • The TzTok-Jad at wave 67 now waits four game ticks before starting its first attack.
  • TzKal-Zuk's pillars no longer re-appear in later waves if the player relogs.
  • The triple TzTok-Jad's waves attack delays are now 4-8-12 ticks, as opposed to previous 0-4-8 ticks.
  • Yt-HurKot can no longer heal or follow TzTok-Jad once the TzTok-Jad has reached zero health.
  • Nest boxes can no longer be opened inside the Inferno.
  • Line of sight algorithm no longer requires a -> b and b -> both to be free, but rather only a -> b. This creates the asymmetry that the Inferno and many other bosses require.
  • The Jal-Ak's, Jal-AkRek-Mej's, Jal-AkRek-Xil's, Jal-Zek's and Jal-Xil's attack distance has been set to 14 tiles.
  • The monsters that the Jal-Zek revives will now spawn at half their health.
  • TzKal-Zuk's cutscene before it breaks free now begins at the correct starting position, instead of slowly panning into it over time.
  • The Jal-Ak will now cancel its melee attack if the target has left the melee distance by the time the attack is meant to fire, and will now select another appropriate attack style.
  • The Ancestral glyph will now wait 4 ticks at both corners, instead of the previous 5, before moving in the opposite direction.
  • TzKal-Zuk now waits 15 game ticks before firing its first attack, instead of the previous 14.
  • The dragging tiles for TzKal-Zuk now work, and only affect TzKal-Zuk - they will not drag any other monster.
  • The TzKal-Zuk's attack and land sounds now scale with the distance from the target, so the further away you are, the quieter they get.
  • The Jal-Nib no longer has fixed spawn locations, and will spawn across a 3x3 box in a random positioning.
  • Up to two Jal-Nibs can spawn on a single tile.
  • If the Jal-Nib spawns at the South-Easternmost tile and chooses to target the Northern pillar, it will now be forced to go north on the last step so it doesn't start attacking the pillar from the southern side.
  • The four waves in Inferno which spawn excessive amounts of Jal-Nibs now spawn six Jal-Nibs instead of the previous five.
  • Multi-target selection formula for magic and ranged has had some line of sight changes to it, so that if you attack a monster that has another monster next to it, but the other monster is not visible to you through line of sight, but is to the entity you attack, they will still get hit through multi-target selection. The line of sight formula previously compared against the player, as opposed to against the main target itself.
  • Implemented a tracker to see how much coins leave the economy through the practice mode in Inferno.
  • The JalTok-Jad and TzKal-Zuk are no longer affected by the flinch mechanic, meaning attacking them before they attack you no longer delays their first attack towards you.
  • The JalIm-Kot can no longer attack on the same game tick as it burrows into the ground.
  • The infernal cape is now tracked by the collection log.
  • The monsters that the Jal-Zek revives will now wait four game ticks before doing their first attack.
  • Inferno monsters will continue to face the player when they die, as opposed to randomly wandering off the second it happens.
  • Re-adjusted the way the safespots behind the Ancestral glyph are calculated. Instead of having 1 tile trailing behind the shield as it moves, that 1 tile is now moved ahead of the shield. So staying 1 tile ahead of the shield is safe, much like in RuneScape. Falling behind is almost certain death.
  • The Ancestral glyph's safespots now only go as far as three tiles south of the shield, going any further than that means you're free to get attacked by the TzKal-Zuk.
  • The Inferno completion broadcasts now show the combat level at which it was completed.
  • If you happened to leave the Inferno and you had a slayer assignment that wasn't to kill the TzKal-Zuk, it would previously be reset as the condition was inverted. This has now been fixed and your assignment is only reset if it was to kill the TzKal-Zuk.
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O shiiiiiit lets goooo (not that I can even do it most likely lmao)

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Good shit! Was hoping clues were next personally but ayee more stuff is always good.

Also, this makes me happy: " Celastrus seeds are now obtainable from birds nests. " 9c9b0631b9a2e8dd7404985c12b08a5a.png

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Gf amethyst prices, looks like I can finally get 200m mining now

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1 hour ago, Kris said:

Celastrus seeds are now obtainable from birds nests.


1 hour ago, Kris said:

The prices of amethyst items(arrows, amethysts themselves, javelin heads etc) have all been reduced by 75%.

Nice update. Probably wont ever get infernal myself, but best of luck to the pro pvm'ers

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Great updates and bug fixes team. I won't be attempting Inferno for a fair while but it's good to see it added to the server. Thanks guys. 🙂

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Interesting Amethyst nerf. Gz on finally releasing this. Now on to clues!

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Starting off the year with a bang! Good job guys, this is a great update 🙂

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Great start to an already great year! Glad we got this update pushed out in time for the new years! Great work team.

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Very nice! Goodluck to all who are attempting today 😄

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