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A December to Remember (Christmas Event & Competitions)

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Christmas is a season of praise and being around those who you care for most & to give those special people gifts.
Here at Zenyte, we wish to do the same thing. Over the course of Two weeks (December 23rd to January 5th) , we will be having various Competitions such as Best fashionscape, Best House decorations, and even have the chance to recreate the Zenyte logo for the holidays as well as a
in-game Christmas event (By Corey & Kris).

Heres a List of all the Events that will be held for the month of December:

Bonus Experience from December 22nd to December 30th
Limited-time Christmas-only items on the store including a season pet thats only here for the season.
+25% Bonus credits for Paypal  (even more than last time)
+15% credits for OSRS Donations


Zenyte Christmas Event
 Something special for you all by (Kris & Corey)

You'll experience it first hand when it is released. No spoilers!

Zenyte Fashion Scape 
Post your Best ingame Holiday Outfit ingame. Use Scenery, style(emotes), and anything you can think of to make your outfit stand out from the rest!

Real Life Christmas Decorations Contest
Share your Real Life home decor for the holidays! Lights, Tree, and anything else you use to decorate!

Zenyte PVP Event

Feel like you got what it takes to take some lives in the Wilderness with snow on the ground? Prove it.

Holiday Logo Competition

A holiday inspired logo which will be used for the site for the holiday. Want to get your work out there? Lets see it!

Holiday Meme Compeition - (MUST FOLLOW RULES)
Got a holiday meme thats too good not to share? Lets see who has some of the best memes of 2019.



All good events come with rewards for your time. Heres whats available for each category

A Holiday Themed Badge Exclusive for 2019 Event winners, You will not be able to obtain this again.

3x 10$ Bonds Per Each competition.




Happy Holidays!
@Noele @Kris @Corey @Tommeh& The  Zenyte staff team

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Looking forward to the "something special🥰


Best of luck, and Happy Holiday's Zenyte.

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Happy to see you guys going all out for Christmas. I know Halloween and Thanksgiving are smaller and more region dependent, but Christmas is world-wide so it's really great to see ya'll going all out for it! 🙂

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