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way of the artisan

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As a person whos played all forms of runescape, i've come to the ideas of what i truly enjoy in the game, and along the way i've meat quite a few people who feel the same way, I've had an idea building up in my head for quite some time now, and i've bounced it off a few people to get some feedback, and they and myself feel its worth bringing to the forums in the form of a thread.

For me skilling has always been the main point of runescape for me, I've had my pking phases, pvm, but I've always remained around the general play style of a skiller, So keeping that in mind i know alot of people who get enjoyment out of skilling and slayer alike, so i purpose the fallowing suggestion to rework the way daily assignments are done/rewarded for.

suggestion 1:
Way of the artisan, this update to the daily assignment system would have a new npc located at home known as the artisan, he will have three options, "trade" (see section 3/trade for details), "check points" , "get assignment" getting an assignment from the artisan will give you three teir options, easy, medium, hard. these tasks will be consist of a skilling activity for example , an medium task, "chop and burn 150 mahogany planks within the land of zeah" 

section A: tasks 
tasks will be assigned after an interface selection is made on the teir list, Easy medium hard, easy tasks will range from skill requirement level 1-55. a medium assignment will have a skill requirement from 55-78, a hard assignment will have the skill requirement from 78-99. an example of a few assignments 
easy: chop and burn 50 oak logs within varrock walls/pick and spin 75 flax into bow strings within seers village.
medium task: chop and burn 150 mahogany logs within the land of zeah.
hard task: create 25 super combat potions from scratch in the mythical guild

section b: location aspect.
the location aspect to each task, breathes life into activity's and area's you would not normally do , as it does with konar slayer, using the popularity of the konar slayer and the love for skilling the zenyte community has displayed over and over, i figure it fits the suggestion.

section c : rewards : i sat up for a while trying to think of what rewards would fit, and what could we add into this shop, some of the ideas I've come up with.

lumber jack 
alternative method for seedbox
alternative method to magic secs
alternative method too family crest gauntlets
small xp lamps (this is extremely up for debate)

The ability to unlock a lecture at home (to create tele tabs)

Section: d
Points and streaks, points will be awarded for each task you complete 3 for easy 5 for med 7 for hard, 25 for 10 streak, 50 for 100 streak. (streaks repeat)

Points will be used to buy rewards from the artisan. 
                                                                                 - feel free to post any feedback and suggestions all forms of criticism are accepted- uim

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I like it, its a nice rework to the bland daily assignments that gives insentives, even for maxed people. It's also a nice place to put the skilling outfits, support.

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I'm a fan of this even though I couldn't care less about skilling.
Would attract a lot of new players though, since there's still a weird breed searching for actual full coded skilling servers with a juicy rewarding system.

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Nothing screams louder on Runescape than skilling, in fact Runescape would not be unique if it was not for its skills.

I like the idea! Over 90% of my gameplay on Zenyte has been skilling. I can safely say it is not all that entertaining repeating the same particular grinds...

Skilling assignments/tasks would be fantastic! Personally I think this idea would create an entertaining and intriguing way to train skills whilst learning and exploring in the process.


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Skilling IS Runescape, I'm in full support of this idea, as a UIM skilling is an essential part of account progression and without you're account is rendered pretty much close to useless. I like this idea especially because of the rewards suggested by you, and with the release of Construction (hopefully in the near future) these skilling sets would be awesome to get a hold of.

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Big support. We were wanting to rework the daily challenges and this would be a great. Even better seeing as we need to add the other skilling outfits to begin with.

Aside from the lectern, as we already have a lectern at home for anyone to use upstairs in the achievement hall. 😛

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