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Update log 02/12/2019 - Noticeboard changes, Thievable chests & bugfixes

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This update log contains the updates that were done since the Konar update, but were never officially mentioned anywhere as the updates usually came with a couple changes, none worthy of a new update log on their own.


New features

  • Noticeboard has had a few changes to it
    • If you move your mouse over the "Players online: " line in the noticeboard, you will see that it now shows how many players are on desktop, and on mobile respectively. This feature is only available on desktop clients at the time.
    • Noticeboard now shows when boosts such as bonus xp and raids points boosts are going to end; The server re-synchronizes the timers every minute to make sure any client lag you may occur won't offset the timers too much.
    • Added a "Players in Wilderness" counter to the noticeboard - this shows a number of all the players within the attackable parts of Wilderness, including dungeons such as the Edgeville dungeon(wilderness part, at the black demons)
  • Xeric's Wisdom scroll.
    • Available through donating for 100 credits, and voting for 50 vote points.
    • One scroll will boosts ones' points obtained through Chambers of Xeric by 25% for 5 hours.
    • The timer will only tick down when the player is in a raid that has been started, but hasn't killed Olm yet. It stops ticking if a player leaves the raid, or they kill the Olm.
    • The timer will stack - if you redeem two scrolls, you will have 10 hours of boost applied.
    • The points boost only applies for the player who uses the scroll. If you're for example in a duo raid, and you use the scroll but your partner doesn't; any points you receive through raid(for dealing damage, solving puzzles etc) will be multiplied by 1.25. The points your partner acquired will remain with the default modifier of 1.0. The total points that you receive are also multiplied, so it is not just personal points. If both of you use the scroll, both will have the points multiplied by 1.25x.
    • The scroll is available to ironmen, but is not tradeable.
  • Thievable chests have been implemented
    • All but the Dorgesh-Kaan chests were implemented.
  • A new setting is now available in the game settings tab which allows examining NPCs to open up their drop table. This only works if you're not being attacked by anyone at the time.
  • Updated NPC and Object examines - this time around we took the examines from Runelite, however some of them may be incorrect as some npc and object ids have changed in RuneScape between our version of the game, and theirs. It's still better than missing a lot of the examines regardless. When we upgrade the revision in the future, I will make sure to obtain the perfect examines from RS.


Bugfixes/Other changes

  • Grim Reaper has officially been removed from home as the Halloween "event" is now finished. Players will no longer be able to acquire the Halloween specials on the donation store, nor will they be able to claim the skeleton set or the Trick emote in-game. The hunting knife, Jack O lantern mask and the grim reaper hood are now officially discontinued items!
  • The 'Give Thanks' emote is automatically unlocked for anyone who logs in until the 8th December - After that date, the emote will be unavailable to everyone who hasn't claimed it for an entire year!
  • Automated the bonus xp system. Since you can now precisely see when the bonus xp ends in the noticeboard, I had to implement an automated system that turns the bonus xp off when the timer runs out. As such, I have implemented an automated system behind it that does just that.
  • Imbuing your skull sceptre through Solztun no longer graphically glitches the sceptre to a point where you cannot interact with it without relogging.
  • Evil Chicken Lair is now available through the Zenyte Portal.
  • Drake's volcanic fire attack can now be properly negated by dragonfire protection, as mentioned on the Wikia.
  • Ogress shamans and warriors drop rate for the shaman mask has been reduced to 1/900.
  • Enchanted dragon bolts can no longer be used with any crossbow aside dragon, armadyl and dragon hunter.
  • Fixed some salmon fishing spots across Kourend region.
  • Removed Kalphite queen lair from the possible areas as an assignment from Konar. Any previous kalphite-lair-assignments will be redirected to the regular Kalphite lair(including the area above the boss chamber)
  • Heavy ballista now has a 33 defence requirement to wield.
  • Ava's assembler now has a 40 defence requirement to wield.
  • Lizardman spawns now damage with 1 tile radius in the Lizardman temple, and 2 tile radius elsewhere.
  • Acid splats now vanish quicker in Chambers of Xeric; In addition to this, I've fixed the annoying issue that came with this bugfix that kept applying repeated damage when getting hit by the acid splat even though you weren't standing still on the acid.
  • Some drop broadcast messages have been changed, as a lot of them, such as the Kraken ones were rather spammy. A few new ones have been introduced.
  • Mac will now sell the hoods with his skillcapes.


A friendly reminder

The Black Friday sale is going to end in roughly 11 hours, on midnight tonight server time! All purchases done through Paypal will reward you with 20% extra credits on top of the usual extras. All purchases done using OSGP will reward you with 15% extra credits!








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Lmao i was so confused when my rune crossbow shoot diamond dragon bolt, i was like "is this supposed to happen?"

Have to look up the wiki for a while lol

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As always nice update. Will be interesting to see how many people play on Mobile compared to Desktop later when it's peak time.

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Interesting! I love all the work you guys do for the server and the smallest updates deserve recognition because you guys worked hard on your projects despite this update log being a smaller one.

Keep up the great work!

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Thank you for all you guys do. Fantastic patch note post! Good to see how professional you guys are with handling big projects and patch notes! Thank you guys!

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