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Live Stream Schedule [Mixer]

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Mixer.com/RLGE-Dylan Xbox one 

zenyte stream for PC is coming soon! And will no longer stream mobile only pc. 


Watch me stream Zenyte on Omlet Arcade!

(Omlet Arcade can be downloaded from Google play store on android mobile) 

after you download app search rlge dylan and click watch and ofcourse too follow or chat you will need too make a account.

I Hope too see you guys there!

Follow me for more:
#OmletArcade #Zenyte

Currently Live Streaming!

*Not Streaming Right now

Added so that you can tell when im Live look for the * too see if im live or if im not.

Games that i will be Live Streaming

1.Zenyte Android Mobile 

2.Madden 20 NFL Head-to-Head/Franchise Xbox one

3.Call-Of-Duty ModernWarfare Xbox one

i will be Adding too this list but for now this is it come check out the stream if any of the following games interest you. (after December i will have my FaceCam)

           Time Zone-Eastern                                                                            -Streaming Schedule-

monday-4AM-6AM Zenyte Mobile

Tuesday-4AM-6AM Zenyte Mobile

Wednsday-4AM-6AM Zenyte Mobile 

Thursday-4AM-6AM Xbox one 

Friday -4AM-6AM Xbox one 

Saturday-[I will not be streaming] [Will be making/uploading YouTube videos]

Sunday-[I will not be streaming]   [Will be making/uploading YouTube videos]

Youtube Channel-https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=real+life+gaming+entertainment

[email protected]

This Schedule will not become Active Till this coming up monday there for i will be streaming for a couple of hours tonight and sunday before i go back too work so be sure

too check it out.



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Thankyou Rolex be sure too look at the stream schedule again cause I updated the schedule. Also maybe I will see you tonight as I will be stream 4am-6am 

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