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Birthday of the month

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                                                                                                   ------BIRTHDAYS OF THE MONTH------

okay so guys this is another idea i had for the server that i thought was unique and would be very awarding too the Zenyte Community.

Every Month of the year we are constantly celebrating someones birthday. and then it hit me too 100% apprciate the Zenyte Community for all of the love and the support that we as player have given this server even the staff the time that we have deidicated too the server why not give back to those players each month and do something special for birthdays every single month. now im not saying go all out and ruin the eco by handing out p-hats lol. but something each month too celebrate your community/players that support this server would be a good idea too show howmuch you truly care about your server/community/players. this is yet again another idea i came up with off the top of my head but i want too hear from the Community of Zenyte and the Developers/staff/owner what you think so let me know and share any ideas you have on this subject.


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