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Player Of The Month Award

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                                                                                          -------PLAYER OF THE MONTH-------

okay so im back again guys with another cool idea that i wanted too share not only with the community that im learning too know and love but also with the Gamer Developers of Zenyte

so this is idea is defiently still fresh and needs alot more of thought put behind the idea before it's 100% Accuarate but i will share what i have so far and will be adding too it and you guys can let me know what you think.

okay so the idea is too Randomly Select a player each month based off many different things making him player of the month and these things below could be some possible things that this player would have too do too obtain this award and too be named player of the month.

1)Being Active on fourms/Ingame For as many days as possible as there is 30-31 days in each month.

2)Being HelpFul too other players online weither there new or old players

3)Having a clean record "Never too have gotten Reported Before.

4)climbing the leaderboards and leveling up atleast a total 10 levels each month.

[ofcourse these top 4 things could be adjusted too something different or could stay and more things could be added too the topic either way i thought of this idea very quick and this is basically me brain storming of the top of my head. so let me know what guys think about this so far and if you have anything too Add such as cool ideas let me know cause this is about the Zenyte Community not just me.

Thankyou, RoyaleSlayer

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Like the idea and support.

Funny I though this award had already existed! 

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We have a medal you can earn from the staff team called Player of the Month. I'm not entirely sure how it's earned or who currently has one, but I'm pretty sure it's obtained through ways similar to the ones you mentioned. Medals are different from awards in the fact that they're handed out to exceptional and outstanding members of the community.

I hope this answers any questions you may have had!

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