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Adding Ingame Holiday Events

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Ingame Holiday Events for Zentye

were currently in November of 2019 so this means that we could potientially still have Events for Thanksgiving and Christmas of this year Depending on the skill level of the Developers/Coders. I will be adding too this post shortly i will be coming up with Event ideas for all of the events below items that you should be able to receive after complting the events. Also events Emotes which should already be in the game already should be obtainable after event is complete.



[Christmas Event] [2019] [2020]

[New Year's Day] [2020]

[Independence Day] [2020]

[Labor Day] [2020]

[ThanksGiving] [2019] [2020]

[Memorial Day] [2020]

[Veterns Day] [2020]

[Columbus Day] [2020]

[Martin Luther king Jr. Day] [2020

[Presidents Day] [2020]

[April Fool's Day] [2020]

[GroundHog Day] [2020]

[Purim] [2020]

[Confederate Memorial Day] [2020]



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I can see some of these being done, but the US only ones, like Columbus/MLK/Confederate and even Thanksgiving, I personally don't think should be in game. Just the international ones. 

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I do not have plans of creating events for most of the holidays anymore. I tried with Halloween and it ended up consuming so much of my time and I still couldn't get it out in time for the actual holiday. We may try again for Christmas but it may also just be something as basic as claim-rewards with no plot behind it, much like I did with Halloween and Thanksgiving.

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Although creating dialogue and story lines for an event quest might take up too much time, what if smaller event ideas were added?

For example:

- Christmas could have small carepackages that look like presents pop up around the map. They last for a minute or two and have an assortment of potential items inside? 

- Thanksgiving event could be that all fish caught are automatically cooked for you? 

- Halloween could be a FashionScape costume content hosted by the staff that could grant rewards to the players. 

These are just potential ideas, but the idea of a smaller event could prove time saving while still preserving the holiday spirit. 

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