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Combatless Skiller Cape

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Maybe it would be fun to add a small simple thing to make lvl 3 skillers a bit happier.
since we dont have ALOT of stuff to play around with atm like diffrent minigames like tithe farm or stuff like areal fishing and the nice fashionscape that comes with it.
maybe a lvl 3 skiller max cape would be nice to have.
the thing would just be like a normal max cape but only obtainable if you have lvl 3 combat with the other skills 99.
would have the same stats and advantages except for the combat 99 cape advantages.
we dont have clues yet and other fashionscape stuff so this would be helpfull and a nice fashion item!
hope you guys will take this suggestion serious and think about it.

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Eeeeh, could be cool but don't really see a need for it. But if this was to be added I'd love to see some potential designs on the cape.

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This is actually a really good idea. The devs are keen to keep the server as identical to real OSRS as possible, but I think an exception could be made with this. 


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