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[Community Effort] Perks/Benefits for Lower XP Game modes

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Hey Folks,

There was a bit of discussion in the help chat around adding perks for 5x and 10x game modes.
Now I don't play those game modes as they aren't for me, but I'm all for improving Zenyte as a community.
So as a result I've set up a spreadsheet as a way of consolidating ideas into one place for the developers to consider and get a feel for the current consensus.


If you'd like to contribute please go here:

After you've filled out the form, you should be able to view any submissions by your fellow players, feel free to bring that discussion back to this post.



24 Hours later and there have been 24 votes 




And the following comments:

  • Ff changing benefits for rates now its adding an unfair aspect to the game. if knowing that lower rates had these i would have selected 10/5 rather then 50/25 being an ironman it doesnt matter what rates i have so thats my opinion
  • I think cosmetic options are the way to go. I just think everyone should be able to enjoy the game the way they want and have equal benefits game mechanic wise.
  • Examples for skilling qol and pvm perks would be too overpowered. Why have something that increases xp/hr when you chose a lower xp mode?! As for drop rates/hit chance, that’s ruin integrity b
  • Would encourage more players to use the lower xp modes, I think the hit chance would be too op, but increased drop rate depending on xp rates is a very common rsps practice.
  • Would make the game mode easier, no point.
  • I think adding benefits to lower xp rates just increases the amount of drops/resources being brought into the game. It could also make people who dont want to play near base osrs rate feel left out and as though they are at a disadvantage to other players. This could be especially true for those that play a rsps because they dont have enough time to make a high level account at a low rate.
  • Harder xp rates are meant to be a challenge, should be no perks needed

Author's summary:

Voters playing 50x/25x game modes primarily considered only Cosmetics & Custom icons to be suitable perks, with only 1 of the 50x exclusive players picking "PVM" Perks.
Among players with accounts in 10x or 5x game modes, 10 of the 14 would like to see some level of perks, with both PVM perks and QoL additions seeing 6 votes each.

4 voters were of the opinion "No perks" should be added, 2 50/25x players, and 1 each of 10x and 5x players.


Thanks to the following players for contributing:
Pittypat, 5x Connor, Rankuno, Herosix5, Iron Entity, Digslolol, Jakey, fearlessjr, anony, Maulz, Jetrider, Sonnen, Ily, Unixxz, Leclerc, Suck it, Kingredarrow, Autumn, Kappis, Loot Bag, Ranger Guy, Ural Typhoon, Charmander, holy maul

If you'd like to see the responses for yourself you can go here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16VqiA7IwcG07Irv6W0R2fcHtOY7aE1Y2iNbNdb9Qu1U/edit?usp=sharing

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As a 5x Ironman btw...I definitely support adding some perks for these game modes. Even if they're purely cosmetic or minor QoL things, just something would be appreciated. 

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I do agree, I think 5x or even 10x players should get some type of cosmetic.


I would love a community created item that would be locked to the game mode exp rate.

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