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DoH (Dns over https) what it is and why it matters

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There's something called DoH which is DNS over HTTPS and to make it simple it makes your traffic "invisible" to third parties like your ISP.
If you use Mozilla, it's already on
If you use Chrome this is how to turn it on: chrome://flags/#dns-over-https
If you use Edge and have it fully updated: edge://flags/#dns-over-https
If you use Opera it's: opera://flags/opera-doh

ISP's are colorblind except when it comes to the color green ($$$) , stick it to them whenever you can. They already charge you out the ass for crappy internet, don't let them sell your data too for the increased revenue. AT&T isn't someone you want to make money off of you. 

If you use safari and brave, use a different browser. Updated google chrome to its current version already has this enabled. I would say though use Firefox over Chrome, because they force it to happen regardless of whether your DNS allows it. But it is your choice to what you prefer.

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