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Kebos Lowlands Development Blog

Should Kourend & Kebos Diary come out with this update?  

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  1. 1. Do you think development time should be spent of creating Kourend & Kebos Diary?

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Hey everyone,

Just creating this to keep everyone up to date on the progress for Kebos lowlands update.
This includes Konar quo MatenKaruulm Slayer DungeonAlchemical Hydra and possibly Kourend and Kebos Dairy depending on poll results.

Currently the plan is to primarily focus on a revision update before working on this but that is subject to change.
I will be adding screenshots and explaining setbacks when appropriate.

Current Progress:

Red - Not started
Yellow - Incomplete
Green - Complete

Konar quo Maten

       - Brimstone Chest
- Slayer master dialogue and shop
       - Task implementation 
       - Brimstone key implementation

Karuulm Slayer Dungeon

       - Monster spawns
       - Task only areas
       - Monster creation:
            Sulphur Lizards

Alchemical Hydra

       - Drop table
       - Phase changes
       - Vent mechanics
       - Special attacks:
            Acid spray (Phase 1)
Electric attack (Phase 2)
            Flame attack (Phase 3)
            Jad phase (Phase 4)


Kourend and Kebos Dairy

       - Task implementation
       - Rewards

New Items

  • Hydra slayer helm
  • Dragon hunter lance
  • Ferocious gloves
  • Bonecrusher neaklace
  • Boots of brimstone
  • Brimstone ring
  • Devout boots
  • Dragon sword 
  • Dragon harpoon
  • Radas blessings (1, 2, 3 and 4)
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Voted yes because there's no reason why we should have development on Kebos, and not have the diary.

Some thing that are no-brainers for voting yes:


Rada's Blessing 4 (Gives an 8% chance to catch two fish at once EVERYWHERE.)
5% chance to mine two Dense essence's at the same time.
Konar gives 20 Slayer points instead of 18 per task.
Protection from the burn effect in the Slayer Dungeon without the boots.
10% (Which is alot) addition Blood runes from Runecrafting.
Reduces tanning prices in Forthos dungeon (When it's released)


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Would be a lot of fun to have that content available. Konar slayer is also a great path for irons to take until they'd do bossing slayer as an alternative to wildy slayer.

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The diary with radas blessing 4 plz plz plz. Don’t skimp out on the polls people get that added in game. Would make slaying in the lair a lot easier too. 

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