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Update log 02/09/2018 - Map editing possibilities, Volcanic Forge, Mac, Duel Arena rework and more!

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So as promised I bring you another update log today. This time around, we've been mainly focussing on bugs that our private beta team found rather than putting time towards completely new content while still putting effort into the rsps aspects.

  • Map editing possibilities

I finally figured out how to edit & pack maps to our cache. That being said we'll most likely be using this to customize our home location! The map shown in the media is not what we'll be having on launch, just a proof of concept.

  • Custom client background

Thanks to Swaghetti, we got a brand new client background designed by him.

  • Volcanic Forge

The Volcanic Forge is located deep in the wilderness and is now able to forge your odium & malediction shards into their respective wards.

  • Mac

You can now go Mac, located west of the Warriors' guild to get yourself that max cape when maxed.

  • Duel Arena rework

The duel arena was recently reworked to use only coins & platinum tokens for stakes and also comes with a tax system which will tax the winner of the duel by a slight %. This has completely been implemented on Zenyte as well.

  • New player introduction

We thought it was time we work on some sort of new player introduction for new players to select their game mode (regular, iron man, hardcore iron man & ultimate iron man) and change their appearance. It's very basic right now but there's always place for improvements later on. Shout out to Lumplum for making us a model for the Zenyte guide npc.

  • Teleport Interface

Thanks to Polar, we managed to get our teleport interface to work more dynamically now using custom clientscripts and by fetching data like category/teleport names from cache enums.

  • Bug fixes and small additions
    • You can now combine a max cape & hood with something like an infernal cape or ava's assembler to combine them into an infernal max cape & assembler max cape.
    • You can now switch to the lunars spellbook when using the pray option of the astral altar.
    • Wizard Cromperty, Wizard Distentor, Brimstail, Sedridor & Aubury can now be talked to, to get teleported to the rune essence mine.
    • Added the rune & robes shops in the Magic guild.
    • Added milestone messages for total levels 50, 100, 200 etc.
    • The trapdoor in the Grand Exchange can now be used to travel to Keldagrim.
    • You can now climb down the well in the desert that leads you to the Smoke Dungeon.
    • Disabled the 3rd option of the wilderness obelisks that allow you to select a destination for now.
    • Slightly reworked the Zenyte Noticeboard interface with more information.
    • Fixed an issue with configuring clan chat filters.




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Loving the constant feedback and we're making progress!! 

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Looking awesome as, love seeing the progress done so far and it looks mint! 

Keep up the good works guys +1

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