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Erza / Psyche

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Given all that's gone off lately, just wanna give these two my thumbs up. 

Just seeing them chatting to everyone at home making situations calm, taking time out from doing other stuff to talk to random people about the serv or other things. Makes a nice change from the negativity lately.


Keep it up 👍

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Appreciate the words of Kindness, Corsair I feel I can speak for myself and Erza here when I say; We're all trying to strive towards the same goal here. A fair and approachable game for everyone to feel happy in. 

Yes it's been a little bit rocky the past couple of days, but in the overall scheme of things, we're not even 2 months live yet, we're still working out the kinks of working with a relatively large community versatile personalities both within the community and within our own staff team. So it's hard for everyone to be reading from the same page at once. But we'll most definitely get there.


Again thank you 😄 

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