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Server Update - Halloween Event 2023 - 10/30/2023

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Server Update - Halloween Event 2023 - 10/30/2023


Hello Zenyte Community,

We're nearing the end of this update-packed month with one more update to finish it off. We're excited to release a small, but commemorative, Halloween event for everyone to partake in. All you have to do is talk to 'Grave digger' at home to receive a free Skeleton outfit! Now you can show your spooky side by walking around home and celebrating the festivities with your fellow Zenyte members! Going alongside this update we've also disabled Corporeal Beast instances for the time being as you're unable to reclaim your lost items if you were to die in an instance. We apologize if this inconveniences any players, but rest assured we're working towards a solution for the problem at hand.

With that in mind, you can also check out our Q4 Roadmap here to stay linked up and in touch with our development process and path we'll be taking for the revision upgrade. You can also join our Discord to stay in touch with the latest news, media and snippets. Even before they hit the site!

The Zenyte Team



  • Halloween Event 2023 (Talk to the 'Grave digger' at home to receive a free skeleton outfit)
  • Mystery box has the following items added in line with Halloween event: All h'ween masks + black and gold, Halloween scythe
  • Shooting stars no longer spawn on walled tiles
  • Disabled Corporeal Beast instances until fixes have been made due to not being able to get your items if you die
  • Runecrafting outfit bonus rune effect has been fixed
  • Zenyte 2
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Happy Halloween everyone who celebrates it.
Happy festive holidays everyone:)



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good stuff again, thanks!

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