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1st October 2023

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Server Update - Quality of Life Patch - 1st October 2023

Hello Zenyte Community,

As we previously discussed earlier this month, we've embarked on a revision upgrade that will enable us to introduce exciting new content in the coming months. Given that this is our top priority and with construction on the horizon, we've made the decision to focus the entire month of September on enhancing the overall player experience through quality-of-life improvements and bug fixes.

Our Development Team has thoroughly assessed all the suggestions and bug reports received thus far. With a complete team now at our disposal, we are eager to tackle these challenges. Two of our Developers will be focused on construction and miscellanea, while the rest of our team remains dedicated to addressing bugs, implementing suggestions, and providing support to Kris in preparation for the upcoming revision changes.

Thank you for dedicating your time to read through this thread, and I encourage you to stay tuned to our Discord for further details and updates.


The Zenyte Team


  • Recoloured pets are now insurable and reclaimable from Probita
  • Player respawn locations have been set to their appropriate locations for Theatre of Blood boss rooms
  • Added placeholder redirections for snakeling pet recolours
  • Added placeholder redirections watering can 0-10
  • Removed RS3 anagram clue step
  • Changed a cryptic clue step from hard to elite
  • Changed a music clue step from medium to hard
  • Dragonstone+ rank harvesting perk now drops additional produce on ground when the inventory is full
  • Herb sack can be opened and closed to allow herbs to be auto-added from farming and the ground when picked up
  • You can now talk to Auguste on Entrana to combine the Bomber Cap and Gnome Goggles into the Cap and Goggles
  • All event bank deposit boxes/chests/pots have been fixed to allow noting items
  • Drinking Jug of wine will no longer give you a Jug of water
  • NPC Contact Spell is now added
  • The Dwarf Multicannon can't be set up in the Kraken Cove now
  • You can't cannon smoke devils off task now
  • Items dropped on death in Wintertodt as UIM have the correct invisible timer now
  • Shooting Stars have been revamped to resemble the tiered process on OSRS. There's more starting tiers. You can find stars that start at additional tiers rather than only 7, 8 and 9
  • The telescope to view the active stars will no longer display an empty star as an active one
  • Coal bag will now be automatically receive coal inside the bag from mining when it has been opened
  • Gem Bag can be opened and closed to allow gems to be auto-added from thieving activities like pickpocketing -Tzhaar-Hur picklocking Stone chests, Thieving gems from stalls. Activities such as mining certain gems are auto-added to the gem bag, Picking up bag-appropriate gems from the ground while the bag is open will automatically deposit them into the bag as well
  • Command added to provide a certain amount of booster days instead of only 7
  • You can now enter the lair of Bryophyta and kill the boss without a key if your on a slayer task
  • You can now enter the lair of Obor and kill the boss without a key if your on a slayer task
  • The stock of ores located at the Blast Furnace store has been doubled
  • Boss teleport scrolls can now be obtained by the bosses at a rate of 1/100
  • The motherload mine wheel will now break every 10 minutes instead of 2
  • Paydirt has been set to respawn at a rate 33% faster
  • Runecrafting robes will now be allowed on Entrana
  • Magic Secateurs can now be in your hand or inventory for the yield bonus
  • The bug in the abyss that would make you stuck after you have depleted an obstacle has been fixed
  • Selling and Buying back items in a general store does not give collection log slots anymore


Staff Updates




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Great updates, thanks for the post
Lets get it team!



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some good updates!

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