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December 2022 - Theatre of Blood

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December 2022 - Theatre of Blood


Theatre of Blood 

old-school-runescape-theatre-of-blood-guRuneScape: Theatre of Blood (OSRS) - Album by Ian Taylor, Julian Surma |  Spotifyטוויטר \ Old School RuneScape בטוויטר: ".@ClassixOnly and his team had Lady  Verzik's phase three form down to 0.6% health! Insane scenes. Watch  everyone live now >> https://t.co/mhvf2pV2bR https://t.co/XogQComIOl"

Theatre of Blood

The Theatre of Blood has arrived. Six new terrifying bosses, Seven new rare items including the mighty Scythe of Vitur. This has been in the making since 2019, I therefor want to thank all the previous developers, in no particular order, that worked on TOB. Thanks to Tommeh, Chris, Corey and Grant. TOB is, like previously mentioned, releasing without Verzik's third phase, this due to time constraints. However in the last week before this release I have started to work on Verzik's third phase and I can guarantee it will release early January. Before I list the other changes I want to thank the lovely people that helped beta test TOB with me. They will be awarded with a unique cosmetic as a reward.

We will be hosting a Item Thirst Event for the Theatre of Blood and this information can be found here


Other Changes:

  • Players will now be able to active Well of Goodwill boosts at 200m instead of 1000m.

  • A Theatre of Blood boost has been added to the Well of Goodwill.

  • All crystal armor and weapons will now have the correct inventory model. 

  • You can now offer your chewed bones at the pyre sites. 

  • You can now obtain the ash sanctifier from Tyss near the Dark Altar. 

  • The "Rising Sun" bar in Falador will now sell the correct boostable items (beers, etc) 

  • Varrock armor (4) will no longer count as a prospector item when entering the mining guild in the purpose of the falador hard diary requirement. 

  • Scavengers in the Chambers of Xeric now have appropriate aggressive range so they wont go into other rooms

  • Personal bests are now based upon team sizes on the scoreboard for Chambers of Xeric and Theatre of Blood. 

  • A branch of new trivia questions have been added in-game. 

  • The whirpool to enter the ancient cavern has been fixed and you may now enter through there. 

  • A completionist cape has been added in-game.  It is not obtainable currently and the requirements will be polled in the future. 

  • Twisted horns have been added in-game in replacement of the ornament variant.

  • You will no longer delete the vial of water when you make a overload in the Chambers of Xeric.

  • The descriptons for the Combat Achievements reaching a maximum size has been fixed. 

  • Adjustments have been made to the dark mystic bottom drop rate. 

  • The event teleport command has received a 5 minute delay due to people spec-tabbing.

  • Dragon claws special attack has been adjusted to match OSRS 1 to 1.

  • Feldip Hills scroll teleport will now teleport you to the correct location. 

  • Lap counter was fixed for some of the agility courses.

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Amazing work Cres & Matt. Ty!

The future of Zenyte looks bright 🙂

Edited by CIA
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4 hours ago, ecanemeht said:

You guys are killing it! Love the constant work by everybody to keep this server fun

Let's be honest, it's just Cresinkel putting in the hours.

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