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SilverNova's Staff Team Feedback

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- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - SilverNova's Staff Team Feedback - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Before you head into this topic, I want you to pay close attention to the fact that this is based on my own opinions and experience of seeing these staff members act in the game/forums/discord. Some of them may be a little bit negative, and some may be a little too positive, but it is once again, based on my own experience. This is honest staff feedback, so if you have been tagged or mentioned and feel like it doesn't evaluate your actions, judgements, thoughts, ideas or motives, then it may be due to the fact that I have not seen you as much as I have seen others. Remember that this is my own feedback. If you disagree or have anything negative to say, please make your own thread. You can do so by clicking here and creating a new topic. Cheers.

Notation: This feedback is based on discord, forum & game activity. I have no clue of what each member does outside of Zenyte as that information is disclosed to the public. E.g. I have not included the forum moderators because I know that they have forum obligations as well, I am just not sure on what exactly they are.





Well, well, well if it isn't the one and only Noele. I have to say that ever since I joined Zenyte I haven't had a single negative experience with you, which is a big plus considering the fact that we have had a somewhat hostile relationship in the past. From what I can tell, you are great at what you are doing. I keep seeing you in the game, being active and assisting other players. I even met you while I was training Hunter which was really cool. Honestly, I didn't expect you to find the time to actually play and enjoy the game with such a big release. It is wonderful to know that we have at least one server founder that interacts with the community, because that is one of the most vital things of owning a server. As of now, I have literally nothing negative to say about you. There are always rumours, and I have been told that you have done terrible things in the rsps branch but from what I can tell they are nothing but smoke and fairy dust. Keep it up!



Probably my most favourite developer of all time. Hey there @Kris^^. You have been hard at work ever since the creation of the project. I know this and can tell without second guessing because I have played your servers before and man oh man do you deliver by quality. You, Tommeh and Corey make one hell of a team and I must say that I am very glad that you are a part of this server. Without you, it would be nothing. You have done a great work at coding additions to the game and I really look forward to seeing more of your content being added to the server. You are a marvellous developer, and I am glad that you have time to speak to the people in the Zenyte discord and login every now and then to check in on what is going on. So far, every single time I have contacted you about a Zenyte-related issue, question or discussion - You have always answered in less than a few hours. Now that is dedication. To be able to eat, sleep, code, interact, work and discuss or answer things in PMs. Well, lets just say not everyone in this world can even do 1/2 those things in a day.



Hey @Tommeh. I remember when you were still a somewhat odd noob at coding, and I was trying to compete with you at who is the most useful asset to Kris. Sad, pathetic and awful of me, I know. I am just crazy competitive. I must say it was really nice to see you being a part of the Zenyte development team. I believe that you and Kris are kind of like two parts of a body, where one performs much worse without the other. From what I can tell, you are a great addition to the development team. 




Honestly, I have not had the chance to speak or meet you on Zenyte. I am not sure if you prefer to spend more time coding or if you do not have time to login and interact with the community, but I think it would be nice to see a little bit more of you. When it comes to the forums, updates, etc you are rarely seen and this also applies to the actual game. I know that not all developers are supposed to spend hours upon hours on being logged in and staying friendly, but it would be nice to see you every once in a while. Also, I know that it may be due to different time zones, so if you have been online lately then I beg your pardon. However, I am more than certain that you are a great developer considering the fact that you are part of Zenyte, which is a magnificent server. 




Sup Erza? You have not been a Manager for a very long time but so far I have had a very positive experience with you. You are very professional, but at the same time very kind and humble which is what a manager should be. I know that you will do a good job with your somewhat newly aquired position because I have seen you on a few servers before and I think we even worked on the same one back in 2017 or 2018. Hopefully you will stay as a Manager for as long as possible, as I know that the community will be blessed to have you.


Global Moderators:


Probably my most biased opinion on my favourite Global Moderator simply because he takes care of the forums. I am glad that you are taking advantage of the additional powers that you have been granted as a GMod to take care of the forums. Hopefully the current and future GMods will learn from this. I think you are doing great. You are active in the game and also on the forums. The only improvement would be to increase your discord activity. I don't think you are very active there, but then again I think that is fine as you compensate for that with your forum activity. You're everywhere you need to be and I believe that you are doing a great job. Well done!


Python & Utorrent

You two are doing great. I am like 99% sure that you do more BTS that I do not know of. However, you are both decently active everywhere. The game, the forums, the discord platform - All of them. I am personally not aware of the obligations that GMods have on Zenyte, but I personally think you guys are doing fine. Maybe not as much feedback as you would like to, but that is because you are honestly doing well. Just keep doing what you are up to now, and you two will do great. Keep going.



Harsh & Hide

Both of you are doing well. I see both of you in the default clan chat very often, and most of the times you are answering the questions that you are asked. This includes questions in the default clan chat. I think that you guys could pick up your activity in discord and on the fourms. Specifically@Harsh. It is good that you guys are positive and active, but I think that the only thing missing is some community interaction. That is just my opinion though. From a professional stand point, you guys are doing well. Keep up with being active and assisting players, and I think that both of you will eventually get far.



Sup @Life. Nice to see you again. Pretty sure we stumble upon each other like almost all the time. I think you are doing a good job as a Moderator. You are active and help out in the clan chat when no one else is around or when no one knows the answer to a question. Especially in the discord channel. I see you answering questions there all the time. Pretty sure you are the only one that has and keeps answering in #support, haha. You have a lot of knowledge of the game and I think that being a Moderator is the perfect spot for you. Great job.



Hey @N. You are quite a chill and laid back Moderator, which is nice to have around. I see you online almost all the time. I think that is a good thing. Activity is very important. One thing I would like to see more of you is perhaps some discord activity, or maybe a yell every now and then. You doing good so far, but I think that you have a lot more potential that you haven't shown us yet. Hope to see more from you. 



Hands down the best moderator as of now. Crazy high activity, and actually assists players as fast as they ask a question. I have also seen him help outside of the default clan chat which is always a big bonus. I think he is a perfect fit and will most likely become the next GMod unless there are reasons beyond his actions. I think you are doing a wonderful job and that you should keep going. I see you almost every single time I login, no matter if it is day or night. I know you were also part of the BETA team and have been in the Zenyte discord for a long time, so extra kudos for the dedication. You go @Tranquility!


Hxrdcore & Destruction

Have not seen much of either of you lately. I feel like you were very active during the launch and that your activity has exponentially decreased since then. I am not sure if you are going through something or if you simply do not have the time anymore. Perhaps we just have extremley different times? I do not know. However, I sure would like to see more of both of you.


Server Supports:


Very active staff member. I see you online from time to time, but that is due to the change of our time zones. I have seen you online quite a lot though, and every single time you are on I always see you helping others. This is exactly what a staff member should be doing, and I think that it is great that you are part of the staff team. Especially when the europeans are sleeping :D. You are doing great, just keep at it!

Win All Day

One of the new server supports. Honestly, you are just as good as the day before you got promoted. You are such a natural at being a server support that I am honestly thankful to have you as a part of the team. I believe you are doing more than well, and will most likely be getting the next Moderator promotion alongside Nos.



Recently promoted, congratulations once again @Nos. You are probably one of the most active server supports right now and I think that if you keep up the good work then you will be a Moderator in no time. You are active, you are always alert and ready to answer and help and I believe that is exactly what a server support should be doing. Nothing but good stuff from you, keep at it!



When it comes to Zay, I have to zay that I haven't seen him that much and the few times he has been online I did not really catch him answering questions or do anything related to the community. I am not sure if he is MIA due to certain events or if he just has a different time zone, but personally I have no positive experience of him. Not saying I have had any negative encounters either, I just have not seen him at all.



Pretty much same as @Zay. Have not seen you online as much as I used to. Not sure what's up. Hopefully it'll get better. 

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Appreciate the feedback! 🙂 I suspect making this took a while - So good on you!

Glad someone's observing us staffies.


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Sorry that my activity has decreased. I am in the process of moving into my own place soon and have decided to get a new job as well. I will try my best to log in everyday in my free time, but it won’t be what i used to have. If I am unable to log in for a while, the staff team and community will be notified of any absences. 🙂

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Feedback is always appreciated! Thank you for taking the time out of your day to do so.
Very wholesome of you.


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Thanks for the feedback, it's always appreciated - positive or negative. 

Yes, I have been away which is why you won't have seen me as much in the last week or so. I am back now though. 

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Thanks for the feedback we could 100% sure use some more of it!

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