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Events Team

Week Event Roster Sept 19-23

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Weekday Events Roster


Hello and welcome to this weeks event roster.

Scheduled events are ran once per day, at 20:00 GMT.
There is also all week events, these start on Monday of the week at 00:01 GMT and last until Friday 23:59 GMT.

~ The Events Team Leadership


Item Thirst Hunt Event!

First player to get these items will be rewarded!

Kodai insignia.pngElder maul.pngTwisted bow.pngKodai insignia, Elder maul, or Twisted bow from COX $20 Bonds. Winner:

Arcane sigil.pngSpectral sigil.pngElysian sigil.png-Any sigil from Corporeal beast $50 Bonds Winner:

Ranger boots.png Ranger boots#1 from Medium clues $10 Bond Winner:

Ranger boots.png Ranger boots#2 from Medium clues $10 Bond Winner:

Viggora's chainmace (u).pngCraw's bow (u).png Viggora's chainmace or Craw's bow $20 Bonds Winner:

Tanzanite fang.png Tanzanite Fang#1 from Zulrah $10 Bonds Winner:

Tanzanite fang.png Tanzanite Fang#2 from Zulrah $10 Bonds Winner:


You are required to post the screens of you getting the pieces in the comments, in the screen must be proof of the date. (open the game noticeboard in the screenshot for example, or a screenshot of the broadcast channel in discord will do aswell.)


Pest Control


Double pest control points during the event hour! more info here INFO


K'ril Tsutsaroth Mass

K'ril Tsutsaroth.png

Event Team will host the mass,during the mass event hour, K'ril will be spawning fast! Gear restriction is at INFO .



Red flowers.pngHot/Cold TournamentBlue flowers.png

All players will come to the gamble area and guess either hot or cold til the last player remains,1st place $20 bonds,2nd place $10,more info here INFO





During the event hour,Barrow items from chest will be more common!


Skull (status) icon.pngHide n' seek Wildy editionSkull (status) icon.png

A staff member will hide anywhere around the wilderness and will give hints of their location ,first to find will win $10 bond! INFO


""If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns about an Official Event please contact Jagermassa"


Server Events  | Events Feedback | Official Discord  




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