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Some ideas

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Kalphite Queen - DEAD CONTENT
100 crystal shards 1/15
Dragon pickaxe 1/150
Dragon harpoon 1/150
Smouldering stone 1/150
Blood shard 1/180
Lightbearer ring 1/300 (add a ring with similar effect = x2 faster spec recharge when worn)
Zaryte vambraces 1/400 (add some sort of vambraces with similar stats)


Grotesque Guardians - DEAD CONTENT
Double Granite dust (guaranteed)
100 crystal shards 1/15
Blood shard 1/150
Inquisitor's great helm 
Inquisitor's hauberk 
Inquisitor's plateskirt
Inquisitor's mace

Corporeal Beast - Could be a more fun, rewarding & popular boss for mass event (permanent or exclusive to weekly corp mass only)

Nightmare staff
Eldritch orb
Volatile orb
Harmonised orb


Combat Achievements

We need more rewards for CA in order to motivate more people to complete the tasks, which is why the cosmetic helms need a small buff:

1) Hard reward: Keris dagger [give same stats & effect as Keris partisan from OSRS]

2) Elite reward: (jad slayer helm): 17.5% melee & 16% range+mage

3) Master reward: (Vampyric salyer helm) 18.5% melee & 17% range+mage

4) GM reward: (Zuk slayer helm) 20% melee & 18% range+mage

(Normal slayer helm is 16.67% melee & 15% mage+15% range)


Other changes:

Change the basilisk jaw drop rate to 1/2000-2500

Change the thieving rate for blood shard to 1/2000-2500

Buff the larran's chest & wildy rogue castle thieving chests

Block PVP arm from being used inside COX (at least vesta & statius) in order to give a bigger use for inquisitor set

Inquisitor set or set+mace could be CM drop table instead. Same with all orbs or only harmonised orb just as long as we finally get it in-game. 

Removing PVP arm from wilderness wouldn't be a bad idea until you figure out what will be done about it so that more don't enter the game.

Another idea could be a KQ boss with increased hp (255+255 regular) but the stronger one could have 1200+1200 & drop zaryte vambs, lightbearer ring, inq stuff & maybe orbs? idk


Thank you for reading and please comment below if there's something you really like / really dislike or if you have any questions. If you have an idea how to improve some of my suggestions please feel free to help by commenting below.

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+1 to everything else except for the dragon pickaxe drop, keep it in wildy pls 😄

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