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Event Attendee Of The Month - August

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Hello event interested people!


With this post the Events Team wants to announce the Event Attendee Of The Month for August! This will be given to the person that attends the most events in a month, they will then get the role for a month. Staff team will not be given this role and in case of a draw, all people in the tie will receive the roll.

The role comes with a 25% boost in Event Ticket rewards from the events whilst you have the role, meaning if you were to get 20 ET, you now get 25 ET. The role also comes with a unique name color for discord, which you are free to choose by pming@Cresinkelon discord.


With that being said, the Event Attendee Of The Month for August goes to @Im A Souljah with a staggering total of 13 events in the month of August ! Thank you for joining all these events and congratulations!

""If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns about an Official Event please contact Jagermassa"


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