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September Weekend Boost!

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September 2-4

Cluemania/Gold Rush

Easy-elite clues have been doubled along with coin drops!

Scroll box (easy) detail.pngScroll box (medium) detail.pngScroll box (hard) detail.pngScroll box (elite) detail.png


September 9-11

BXP Weekend/ Random hourly bonuses at 11th

Kicking this weekend will be BXP for the whole weekend with 11th 19:00GMT to 00:00GMT Sept 12th   having many  different bonuses being mixed every hour!


September 16-18

COX Weekend

This weekend ,Senior staff will  handling out one Wisdom for every player and all purples will be doubled EXCEPT Twisted bow.

Kodai insignia detail.pngDexterous prayer scroll detail.png

September 23-25

Zenyte shard week!

Get yall arclights and bows ready for Demonic Gorilla's ! Zenyte shards will be doubled this weekend! 

Demonic gorilla.png

September 30th


""If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns about an Official Event please contact Jagermassa"


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