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Update Log 7/31/2022 - Sherlock's Notebooks

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Hello Community,

I have been working some crazy hours since the 1st of July because of our staffing shortage (My current schedule is M-S 7AM to 7PM with a 2 hour total travel time) so I have not been able to push much content since Cresinkel has been on vacation but with my recent exploration on my Ironman I have increased my motivation dramatically and plan to keep the updates/changes coming.





July 2022 - Clue Hunter Expert



Sherlock's Notebooks
The Clue Hunter Expert located in the house of Watson will be able to sell you books that will auto complete clues based upon the tier.  The books can be purchased with Sherlock's Notes. 



Other updates: 

  • Additional runes have been added to the shop at home.
  • A bug has been fixed with the crystal recolors 
  • Additional items have been added behind the scenes for future updates.





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"This may be a game, but it's real people with real emotions. Something that doesn't bother you may bother someone else"


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