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PC & Mobile Client Downloads

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PC & Mobile Client Downloads

Hello Community,

Myself and the other members of the Staff team have been seeing a large amount of new & returning players asking why our download links are currently not working. I can assure you, these will be updated in due time. However, until then we have our PC & Mobile clients available on our Discord.

Firstly, join our Discord here, then click the link below to find the downloads.

PC Client is located here.
Mobile Client is located here.

If you have any techincal questions relating to the above clients, please ask for help in our Discords #support-chat room.


EDIT: launchers also in attached files, "mobile.apk" for mobile, "launcher.jar" for PC.


Download Links:  
Before downloading the PC link, get the required version of java HERE.

PC Download Mobile Download

If you're having issues with your .jar files working, try downloading and running jarfix.exe
Re-attempt to run the client and you should be good to go!


If you Have any difficulty downloading these files feel free to PM @Fe Felix, @Cresinkel, @Jagermassaor @HC Tuoppi.

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