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In-depth Guide to Cerberus (video)

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Put a goood amount of time into this video. I hope it helps y'all with your grind~

HOW TO GET THERE: (70 or 80 agil recommended)
Zenyte Teleporter -> Dungeons -> Taverly Dungeon -> follow this map:


Bludgeon > Zammy Hasta > Abyssal Dagger > Tent/Whip


1. Unload specs early on

2. When "Arroo" phase starts - make sure prayer is around 70 points

3. Use RL Client to help you with pray flicking the Ghosts

4. When "Grrr" phase starts, move two tiles away (East or West)

5. Try and minimize eating MID kill, instead heal up in-between kills

When to Sip a Prayer Pot:

1. 66+ Pray ->> Do nothing

2. 63-66 Pray ->> turn piety off for Arroo phase

3. < 63 Pray ->> sip a prayer pot OR tank a Ghost hit (off pray)

*With a spectral ss all these numbers will be halved


- 6 Anglers, and 5 doses of prayer

*You don't profit too much with this boss unless you get a crystal. But you almost always break even. So don't be too stingy on supplies! 



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Loving the guide. Definitely in agreement with Win All Day, a lot of players not familiar with OSRS struggle with Zulrah mechanics, perhaps that could be your next video, :D. 

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Good guide. I'd recommend next time having the music volume be a tad quieter.

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We need more video guides, good work man.

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