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Combat Achievement Progress [KC & speed]

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Completed/in middle of challenge/not started


Subdue the Wintertodt 10 times.
Kill Hespori 5 times.
Kill Bryophyta 5 times.
Kill Obor 5 times.
Kill Skotizo 5 times.


Open the Barrows chest 25 times.
Kill the Giant Mole 25 times.
Kill the King Black Dragon 25 times.
Kill the Chaos Fanatic 25 times.
Kill the Crazy Archeologist 25 times.
Kill Chaos Elemental 25 times.
Kill Scorpia 25 times.


Kill Dagannoth Prime 25 times.
Kill Dagannoth Rex 25 times.
Kill Dagannoth Supreme 25 times.


Kill Callisto 20 times.
Kill Vet'ion 20 times.
Kill Venenatis 20 times.
Kill the Kraken 20 times.
Kill the Thermonuclear Smoke Devil 20 times.


Kill the Corporeal Beast 50 times.
Kill the Grotesque Guardians 50 times.
Kill the Kalphite Queen 50 times.


Kill General Graardor 100 times.
Kill K'ril Tsutsaroth 100 times.
Kill Kree'arra 100 times.
Kill Commander Zilyana 100 times.


Kill Vorkath 100 times.
Kill Zulrah 150 times.
Kill Cerberus 150 times.
Kill the Alchemical Hydra 150 times.


Complete the Fight Caves 5 times.
Complete the Inferno 5 times.


Complete the Fight Caves in less than 20 minutes. (This timer hasn't been confirmed yet, but it would be reasonable since we start at wave 31 on Zenyte)
Complete the inferno in less than 65 minutes. (Zenyte timer might be easier, my record is about 70 minutes with 1 speedrun attempt so far)


Complete Chambers Of Xerics 150 times.
Complete Chambers Of Xerics Challenge Mode 25 times.


Kill Zulrah in less than 54 seconds, without a slayer task.
Kill Vorkath in less than 54 seconds.
Kill the Hespori in less than 36 seconds.
Kill the Grotesque Guardians in less than 1 minute 20 seconds.
Kill the Alchemical Hydra in less than 1 minute 20 seconds. 

We probably won't have all of the tasks from OSRS as we don't have all of the content in-game & some timers will be different, because it's a RSPS and we don't have all BIS items from OSRS to be able to match their speed requirements & for example fight caves here start at wave 31 instead of wave 1. There's also single kills of certain monsters & mechanical tasks that I didn't bother to add here as I have 0 clue on what ones will or won't be added.

I will be updating this page every now and then 🙂


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Like cia says, none of the osrs times are set in stone and some might be lower or higher than the osrs tasks. Depending on zentye meta vs osrs meta, as we dont have scythe/inquisitors/thralls etc.

Just to be sure people that read this dont take this thread as the definitive list of kc / speedrun tasks we will eventually have.

Great work though cia.

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2 hours ago, Fawk said:

Great work mate! Best of luck on your progress 😉 

Thanks for stopping by #KingFawk <3!

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