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June 2022 - ZMI, RC Outfits, Storage Unit 2.0, Ring of Endurance and More!

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June 2022 - ZMI, RC Outfits, Storage Unit 2.0, Ring of Endurance and More!


Ourania Altar (ZMI)

The ourania altar, found above castle wars, has been added in Zenyte. It has the standard 2x runes Zenyte has, along with the ardougne medium dairy reward and booster perk for even more runes. The agility shortcut in the cave (that noone uses) has also been added. The rune distribution system is exactly the same to osrs, meaning the higher your runecrafting level is the better runes you will get.

But then.. the interesting part. Runecrafting minigame rewards:

Via runecrafting at the zmi altar you will stumble upon Abyssal pearls, this at a chance of 50% per 100 base xp you receive from the crafting of the runes. Base xp is the xp you get without the multiplier of your xp rate, for example: you get 665 base xp, which means 6 rolls at the 50% chance to get a pearl, meaning averagely you would get 3 pearls at that base xp. The base xp you get is dependent on your rc level as the higher it is the better the runes you get from ZMI are and the more xp those runes give you.

You can then use these Abyssal pearls in Apprentice Felix's shop, he is located near the ourania altar. His shop contains a couple rewards. Here is a list of those:

Abyssal needle (1000 pearls): Used to sew all 4 runecrafting pouches together into a Colossal pouch. The Colossal pouch stores 40 (pure) essence total. Colossal pouch requires 85 runecrafting to use.

Blood raiments of the eye (200 pearls per piece): The blood version of the runecrafting outfit gives 10% more runes per piece and 20% bonus if the full set is equipped, on any type of rune. This means the full blood raiments of the eye set gives +70% runes.

Nature raiments of the eye (200 pearls per piece): The nature version of the runecrafting outfit gives 0.5% more runecrafting xp per piece and 0.5% bonus if the full set is equipped. This means the full nature raiments of the eye set gives +3% runecrafting xp.

Master raiments of the eye: combines both the nature and blood raiments of the eye sets to one master set, this set has both the +70% runes and the +3% runecrafting xp effects. (or the +10% runes and +0.5% xp per piece if not full set)

To get the master set, talk to Apprentice Felix with both the nature and blood piece of the set, for example you can bring him both hats to make the master hat. You do not need both full sets to make the master outfit. Nor do you require full set of master to get the pieces effects. Example: You are wearing 2 master set pieces and 3 nature set pieces, you get the nature set effect with the bonus for the full set, and 2 x piece effects for the extra runes from the 2 master pieces. You can mix master pieces with normal pieces to still get the normal set effects.

The sets (Blood, Nature and Master):




Storage unit 2.0

File:Mahogany toy box built.png

First of all, something people have asked for for a while. You can now store items from a set without needing the full set.
There is one slightly annoying side effect that i haven't been able to fix just yet which is that if you want to add an item to a partial set, you will need to take the partial set out first. For example: You add the bronze full helm (t) to the storage unit on its own. Then you acquire a bronze platebody (t), to store this platebody you will need to take out the bronze full helm (t) first and then you can store them together after taking it out.

I have also added more items to the box to be able to store them: the new rc outfits, the new cosmetic item that will be given out on 12th of June, mudskipper hat and flippers, golden prospector set and the black and brown graceful set,


Ring of Endurance

File:Ring of endurance (uncharged) detail.png

The ring of endurance has now been coded in the game, with the exact same effects as it has in osrs.

Active effect:
If the player consumes a dose of stamina potion with the ring equipped and the ring has charges, one charge is consumed, 40% of the player's run energy is restored, and the duration of the stamina potion effect is doubled, from 2 to 4 minutes. This effect is immediately halved if the ring is unequipped.

Passive effect:
If the ring has 500 charges or more, it will passively reduce the run energy drain rate by 15% without using any charges.


To charge the ring use noted or unnoted, 4-dose, stamina potions on the ring of endurance. You get 4 charges per 4-dose stamina potion and the ring can store up to 1000 charges. All of the stamina charges are lost upon uncharging the ring, which you can do by right clicking the ring.


Obtaining the ring of endurance:
Random chance whilst finishing a lap of the following courses with the respective rarity.

Ardougne rooftop course: 1/1000
Rellekka rooftop course: 1/2000

Pollnivneach rooftop course: 1/3000
Seers' Village rooftop course: 1/4000

The player gets a broadcast if they get the ring from training agility.

There is also the option to buy it from Grace's Graceful Clothing store for 2000 marks of grace.


New event commands

Double Wintertodt Points

Added a command that allows the senior staff team to enable double points for wintertodt, making the reward crates better at the end of the game. This is for events only and will not be a common thing.


Quarter Barrows Droprate

Added a command that allows the senior staff team to enable drop rate boost to barrows uniques, to be exact it quarters the drop rate of uniques. This is for events only and will not be a common thing.



Other Changes:

  • Dragonfire ward and Twisted buckler now have the osrs stats (range strength added)

  • Can now reclaim the champions cape if you happen to have dropped it

  • Can now hand in the champion scrolls to Larxus separately, to save on bank space and to aid UIM in getting the cape

  • Added an extra scavenger to each scavenger room in cox to all brackets of amounts of player (solo now gets 2 per room from 1, sub 4 people now get 3 per room from 2, etc..

  • Can now make Anti-venom + with torstol potion (unf)

  • Fixed a typo in the Ellen daily challenge

  • You can now exchange 5 ancient shards for a dark totem by right clicking the dark altar in the kourend catacombs and following the dialogue

  • Recolored Dragon hunter crossbows (Turquoise and Black) models made and succesfully put in game, though they will be a reward of something in next update and not this one, recoloring dialogues set, death mechanics set

  • The kraken task from Ellen has been heavily reduced to between 30 minimum and 45 maximum

  • Fixed the Ellen Grotesque guardians task so now you can kill them on an Ellen task

  • When HCIM die the world will now broadcast their experience rate in the death broadcast

  • Added the jogre spawns on the upper area in the jogre cave

  • You now need the dragon tools to make the crystal tools, along with the 20m gp, tool blueprint and tool seed

  • Fixed trim colors on the 200m capes for the slayer and mining 200m cape

  • Recolored crystal rocks to a crystal color

  • Doubled the chance of a crystal rock to not get depleted meaning more players can mine crystal rocks at once now without it being competitive to mine there

  • Recolored a special item for the 3rd birthday of Zenyte

  • Made a command for the senior team to clean up the double drops interface once item doubles have been turned off

  • Blood fury

    • Now actually loses charges meaning you'll need to upkeep it with blood shards

    • Now has an option to check the charges when it is equipped

    • Now tells you the exact amount of charges when you check it

  • Zahur now makes cadantine blood potions (unf), if you have both noted vials of blood and water along with noted cadantine in your inventory it will prioritize the blood (unf) rather than the normal (unf)

  • Bastion and Battlemage potions are now effected by the amulet of chemistry and the booster perk for herblore

  • Divine potions can now be mixed in 1 and 2 doses instead of only 3 and 4 doses

  • When the smithing booster perk procs it now does not decrease the amount of xp you would've gotten normally

  • You can now use the instant home teleport, that the dragonstone donator rank and up have, in combat

  • Added an Inferno teleport to the Minigames section of the teleporter interface, the scroll to unlock it is in the event shop and costs 500 tickets, to buy and use it you need to have unlocked Mor Ul Rek before by using a fire cape on the guards that guard the hot vents that go inside the molten city

  • Tzhaar-Ket-Keh, the npc at the inferno entrance, now has a right-click option to gamble inferno capes for the pet instead of needing to use the cape on the npc and made it broadcasted if you do get the pet

  • To give the ring of the endurance more use and to not make the run boost perk from the ring of endurance too overpowered, the donator perks for run boost % have been nerfed by half:

    • Onyx+ now get +10% from +20%

    • Dragonstone now get +7.5% from 15%

    • Ruby & Diamond now get +5% from 10%

    • Sapphire now get +2.5% from +5%

  • Fixed the crystal seeds image for #broadcast channel in discord

  • Fixed a farming method for the Tzhaar keys, now you get 2 keys at the end of the fightcaves, after killing jad, 4 if double keys event is on, the orange mager no longer drops a key


  • Zenyte 3
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Absolutely killing it 😎

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