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How to boost slayer points

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The basics

Do 9 tasks with Turael and the 10th task from your highest slayer master to receive your 10 task streak much more often. This results in less slayer xp/h but much more slayer points/h.

Note: By 10th task I mean 60th in a row, or 80, or 100 or 110 for example, NOT randomly the 10th task after starting this.


My goal

To help players understand the basics of boosting slayer points in order to quickly gain points to purchase rewards from the slayer store such as slayer helmets, slayer rings, task extensions, or even fancy helmet recolors.


Purple slayer helmet detail.pngBlack slayer helmet detail.pngHydra slayer helmet detail.pngTurquoise slayer helmet detail.pngRed slayer helmet detail.pngGreen slayer helmet detail.png

Inventory and gear


  • 1: Dinh's Bulwark + melee gear
  • 2: Divine ranging potion
  • 3: Max cape
  • 4: Kandarin headgear 4 (or any other form of light source)
  • 5: Rune pouch with spellbook swap runes (cosmic/astral/law) + smoke/soul/mud runes for teleports
  • 6: Amulet of eternal glory (regular amulets of glory can be used)
  • 7: Desert amulet 4
  • 8: Ring of dueling
  • 9: Slayer ring eternal (regular slayer ring can be used)
  • 10: Xeric talisman
  • 11: Digsite pendant
  • 12: Ectophial
  • 13: Royal seed pod
  • 14: Cannon
  • 15: Master scroll book (with lumberyard teleports if you don't have digsite pendants)
  • 16: Expeditious bracelet 
  • 17: Ice cooler
  • 18: Cannonballs

The gear isn't extremely important as cannon will be doing most of the work on many of the tasks. Use your best gear so the cannon is more accurate.

The main piece of gear is the expeditious bracelet, when equipped, there is a chance to count one of its wearer's slayer assignment kills to count as two instead, but granting no additional experience, thus speeding up tasks.



Disclaimer: These are the locations and monsters that I have found to be most efficient the boosting for points. There may be better locations for each of them, I would love to hear how I can make this guide better. Enjoy!

Location: Morytania slayer tower
How to get there: Use your eternal slayer ring to teleport to the slayer tower OR home teleport to training > Slayer tower.



Location: Digsite pendant/Lumberyard teleport
How to get there: Digsite pendant to digsite and run north east OR Lumberyard teleport and run east (Fun fact there is a bunch of hidden crystal rocks in this area)



Location: East of Ardougne
How to get there: BLR Fairy ring and run south



Birds (chickens)
Location: Lumbridge
How to get there: Home teleport to training > chickens



Cave bugs
Location: Dorgeshuun dungeon
How to get there: AJQ Fairy ring, run north then west


Cave crawlers
Location: Fremennik slayer dungeon
How to get there: Use your eternal slayer ring to fremennik slayer dungeon OR home teleport to dungeons > fremennik slayer dungeon



Location: Crafting guild
How to get there: Max cape OR crafting guild teleport



Crawling hands
Location: Morytania slayer tower
How to get there: Use your eternal slayer ring to teleport to the slayer tower OR home teleport to training > Slayer tower



Location: Al Kharid Desert
How to get there: DLQ fairy ring 



Location: Dwarven mines
How to get there: Lassar teleport then run south



Location: Catacombs of kourend
How to get there: Xeric talisman to xeric heart OR home teleport to kourend catacombs, run east then north, use bulwark specs.



Location: Across the bridge in lumbridge
How to get there: Home teleport to training > goblins



Location: Ice mountain
How to get there: Lassar teleport 



Location: Kalphite cave
How to get there: Desert amulet 4 



Location: Karuulm slayer dungeon
How to get there: Radas blessing 4 OR CIR fairy ring and run north take the stairs to the east then run south



Location: Stronghold of security
How to get there: South of home



Location: Karamja by Tai Bwo Wannai village
How to get there: CKR fairy ring 



Location: Underneath Varrock in the sewers
How to get there: Teleport to varrock and go north east to the sewer, go down the ladder and place your cannon, use bulwark specs.



Location: Al Kharid mine
How to get there: Ring of dueling to duel arena and run north



Location: Edgeville dungeon
How to get there: Home teleport to edgeville dungeon



Location: Just outside of H.A.M Hideout
How to get there: Eternal glory to draynor village and run east OR Lumbridge teleport and run west 



Location: White wolf mountain
How to get there: Teleport using your royal seed pod and take the glider



Location: West of the ecto altar
How to get there: Teleport with the ectophial and run west, both cows and chickens count towards zombie tasks


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Lovely guide!

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